Is it just me or does anyone else feel that Christmas was, like almost a year ago or something? I mean here we are almost half way through February and Christmas is now a distant memory. I just love the festive season, so I’m always super sad when it’s over. I think I just suffer from the Christmas blues or something.

January proved to just be the longest month as usual, and the weather here was just plain dull! There wasn’t a hint of snow, frost or ice whatsoever. It was just dull & wet!

But here we are, January gone and the brand new month of February has arrived. And it got me thinking back to this time 4years ago when I was just about to move into my first house and Luke and I had just booked an impromptu trip to New York. Because it was a brand new chapter in my life I wrote a post dedicated to things I wanted to achieve in 2019, and today I read back on that very post (which you can read here) I’m happy to say there are a few things that I can tick off of the list but sadly there are a few things I can’t.

The 2019 list

1. Move in with Luke – I can definitely tick that one off as we have now been in our house for 4 years.

2. Visit a place on my travel destination list – Another tick as Luke & I made an impromptu trip to New York in the February of 2019. And it became my most favourite city in the world!

3. Go on holiday – I mean this was pretty standard right, but Luke & I headed to Florida in 2019.

4. Climb Ben Nevis – In 2018 we climbed Mount Snowdon, and I was really hoping to tackle Ben Nevis in 2019. However we unfortunately didn’t but did do Scafell pike instead. 2 mountains down, 1 to go!

5. Learn how to scuba dive – Sadly this one I did not get to complete. And I really wanted to learn for my trip to Bora Bora last year but I just didn’t have the time to fit it in. Well there’s always this year (fingers crossed)

6. Go vegan for a month – I didn’t do this one either, although I have been pescatarian for the last 10 years. And wouldn’t ever eat meat again. Plus I do actually live mostly a plant based diet anyway so I don’t think I’ll do the vegan for a month thing.

7. Start walking – I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided that I would start walking in the year 2019! Needless to say I didn’t. Although since becoming a dog mum I have 100% up’d my waking game, with daily dog walks!

8. Save money – I can safely say that this didn’t happen, and I have come to the conclusion that money should be spent, not saved ….. right?

9. Visit a new Uk city – Another one I can’t tick off of the list.

10. Watch avatar the film – Okay, Luke really wanted me to watch the avatar film before heading back to Florida in September 2019. The reason for this of course is because they have the avatar land at animal kingdom in Walt Disney World. So we settled down one Saturday night with the film and less than an hour in I was asleep! It was so boring, or at least I thought it was so boring! And it will come as no surprise when I say I haven’t watched the second one! I mean if I head to Florida this year then maybe I will…… Luke take note!

11. Read more books – 2019 was the year when I got to do a book review (read it here) for the wonderful author Karen Kelly. Although I didn’t read nearly as many books as I would have liked.

12. See more West End shows – As most of you know I absolutely LOVE heading to the Westend to watch a show, in fact it’s pretty much one of my favourite things to do. I have a list of Westend shows that I really want to see, and that list just keeps on growing! I’ve been so lucky to see many great shows, and some I love so much I like to watch them over and over again!

13. Finally use our gift experiences – Luke & I are useless at using gift experience’s, which lets face it are such a great gift idea. But Luke & I seem to always forget we have them! We now have 3 to use and have had to extend them (a few times to say the least!) All I can say is we didn’t use them in 2019, 2020, 2021 or 2022……. So maybe, just maybe 2023 will be the year!

14. Visit London zoo – The amount of times I have been to London and yet despite this being on my list since 2019. I still haven’t found the time to visit London zoo!!

15. Bake a cake – Well a year after I wrote this post we went into complete chaos lockdown mode, and baking banana bread was my new norm! I can also include a delicious lemon and elderflower cake too. So baking a cake, I can most definitely tick off of the list

So now we are flying through February I think it’s time for a new list!