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Iceland Roundup

I was so sad when our time in Iceland had come to an end. It had been the most amazing experience and I think we both really had the best time. We booked this trip the week before Luke & I flew to Florida, it’s something we really wanted to do so just did it, and...

Iceland November 2023 Day Three

I decided that nothing will ever beat that feeling of waking up in the cutest little fairytale wooden cabin after the best nights sleep. I actually miss those wooden beds! Wednesday morning as usual started with my Goldilocks porridge (seriously this girl LOVES her...

Iceland November 2023 – Day Two

I woke up to rain, lots of rain, but sadly no snow! It was just a very wet and very cold Tuesday , not that, that would have ever stopped us from getting out and exploring, however dryer weather always makes it that little bit more tolerable. Anyways the rain actually...

Iceland November 2023 – Day one

Well firstly it was so nice to set the alarm for 8.30am instead of 5 & 6am as I usually do on every Disney trip (although don’t get me wrong I LOVE the early Disney park days) Anyway’s we started our day with a cute little breakfast In the hotel restaurant - I...

Iceland November 2023 Travel Day

At the beginning of October 2023 Luke and I booked a very impromptu trip to Iceland. A place that had been on our destination list for a while, and a place I just knew I would instantly love. It was a super cold Sunday morning on the 5th November and a very early...

Australia you were amazing

And just like that, our incredible time in Australia had come to an end. The trip had been short but amazing and the journey to get there was long, but absolutely so worth it. And yes we will definitely be returning in the not so distant future. We booked our trip on...

Brisbane day 8

Waking up to blue skies and sunshine was definitely the best way to wake up (the view obviously helped) With no set plans as such we still didn’t want to waste the day away with a lazy lay in so it was up, dressed and ready to leave at a respectable 10am. As always...

Brisbane 2004 day 7

Falling asleep looking out of the window on the 79th floor of the Sky Tower was my new obsession! I was definitely going to miss these views. So after an amazing sleep it was a super exciting Sunday as we were heading off to Australia zoo - home of the crocodile...

Gold Coast & Brisbane day 6

Okay, so I kind of woke up to more rain…..but I did wake up to the most insane view, and so it made up for the fact that it was indeed raining again (seriously AGAIN!) On this particular wet Saturday morning it was time to pack up our suitcases and check out of our...

Gold Coast Day 5

After the best nights sleep (like a proper non jet lagged sleep) I woke up to sunshine and the most amazing view , and it instantly put the biggest smile on my face. I got up just after 8am and was out of the door by 9am. We had breakfast at No Name Lane cafe and bar...