Hi, Welcome to Lifestyle Lisa!

Having signed up for my 1st ever Tough Mudder (19th August 2017) I wanted to blog about the struggles that I am facing whilst in training, my aim is to keep it as real as possible because at the end of the day we’re not all athletes.

I also want to share my past (and present) experiences, tips and views on everything Disney related! I started off writing reviews for trip advisor (under the name KendalTaylor, if you want to check them out) but decided I wanted to do more so decided blogging was the way forward.

I also love little adventures in life, whether it be a country picnic or a weekend exploring London or some other City, so I hope along the way I can also share those stories with you plus I am now a proud owner of a baby blue Polaroid camera (which I love) and cannot wait to get out and about snapping as many pictures as I can.

And finally who doesn’t love a bit of make up and fashion?! so I am sure that there will from time to time be a few blogs on these.