Almost 9 months ago Luke and I embarked on our biggest adventure to date – Moving in together, not just moving in together but actually BUYING a house together! Hello HUGE commitment!!

We have now been living the “couple life” in our new house for 8 almost 9 months! The time has just flown by and I can honestly say that I can’t imagine not living with Luke now.

We are coming up to celebrating our 6 year anniversary in December, and even though Luke and I had been together for over 5 years when we finally moved in together, it was still a massive step for both of us.

We didn’t rent before hand to see if we could live together we just jumped in with both feet and was like “yep let’s BUY a house“!

Previous to that we had both lived at home with our parents and used to divide the time equally between both of our houses. Which was a bit of a nightmare considering as we were always pretty much living out of suitcases!

It seemed only a natural for us to take the big step and move in together, so we got the ball rolling last September just after returning home from our trip to Seychelles.

The whole buying a house process was long! And at times it really did seem like the dream of being a hone owner was out of reach! But we did it and finally got the keys at the end of January 2019 (and then flew off to New York for a week, but that’s a whole other story!)

If I thought buying a house was stressful, I went on to find out that moving into a new house was even more STRESSFUL! I mean WHO KNEW!!

Even now I still have bits left at my mum and dads, and Luke and I have a whole spare room dedicated to boxes of who only knows what! But bit by bit things really are slowly coming together.

It has taken around 6 months for me to finally start calling the house a home, but the more time I spend there the more comfy and cosy and homely it becomes.

As we have been in the house for less than a year there are a lot of “firsts” to look forward too, such as Halloween, totally hope that we get some trick or treaters around, although if we don’t we’ll just have to eat the sweets ourselves. But also we have Christmas coming up! I can’t wait to pick a tree and decorate it and have presents wrapped sitting under the tree, I have a vision that it’s going to look amazing, especially as we have a bay window in the lounge area which is perfect to display the Christmas tree in!

8 months living in our first hone together and so far it’s been a smooth ride! I was worried at first at how we would be living together and seeing each other every single day. But I am loving it, Luke is so easy to live with (if a little messy at times) but other than that he’s pretty perfect!

We have our set little jobs around the house, like he will always load the dishwasher and set it off before we got to bed, and I will unload it and put it away in the morning’s, or when it comes to the Friday night house clean, he’ll take the downstairs and I’ll take upstairs, so everything is split fairly.

I’m really enjoying making the house more and more homely everyday, even though it’s taken me a while to settle in, but now I can’t imagine a time when Luke and I didn’t live together!

I love it when we go out and by little house bits, whether it’s a candle or reed diffusers or some picture frames, it’s the little personal touches that I enjoy getting, that makes the house so perfectly ours.

Happy Thursday everyone, just one more day to go until the weekend arrives.

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