There was always going to be a follow up to my original pet peeves post that I published back in June 2019. And this morning was the day I finally sat down and wrote it! But this time these are more personal pet peeves, and whilst the over used word of “holibobs” and “famalam” – like seriously what is with those words? It’s holiday and family, – is still a major annoyance of mine the 5 that I have listed below wind me up more than anything else…… like they kind of make my blood boil if I am being brutally honest – which I am …..

So here we go , pet peeves part 2 ????

1.So you guys aren’t engaged yet? – This actually used to be the question when are you and Luke moving in together, but since Luke and I do now live together, it’s been replaced by another stupid and nosy and kind of rude question. And really brings me back to a blog post I wrote back in 2018 ?? https://lifestylelisa.com/2018/09/24/society-pressure/

2.When are you getting married – *Rolls eyes, stifles a yawn, try’s to pretend that this isn’t a question I get asked all the time, and likewise try not to loose my s**t with the person asking* ESPECIALLY when it’s asked by a couple who YOU KNOW aren’t happy, and it’s like shall I throw the question back “when are you guys getting divorced?”

3.Don’t you want kids then? I mean who knows, I don’t even know what I want for dinner tonight or what I want to do at the weekend, so how can I even answer a question like that! And to be honest I’m currently enjoying having my boyfriend all to myself, having long lazy lay-ins and planning nice trips away. So don’t ask me that question, it’s also a little offensive too.

4.How old are you?RUDE! I mean I can honestly hand on heart say that this is a question I NEVER ask anyone. It’s irrelevant, I don’t care, and it doesn’t define that person. But it seems to be a regular question that I’m asked, and I find it the rudest of all.

5.Your really short aren’t you – You know people just pointing out the blatant obvious really annoys me. I’ve been 5ft for many years now, I don’t find it a problem, but apparently it’s something that needs to be commented on regularly. And I don’t think , actually I KNOW I’ve never said to a really tall person “you are so tall!” Because again it’s just pointing out the obvious, and really, it’s not like they are going to be shocked when I tell them that fact!

I think as I go through life I find more things to add to my list and one day it may even be pages long!

I would love to know what your pet peeves are, what things annoy you the most? Leave me a comment below

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Thanks for reading , and Happy Thursday