Hi everyone on this bright and sunny and hopefully warm Saturday morning! I really don’t know where the week has gone, but I am very happy it’s Saturday!! AND the fact it’s the first of June today!! SUMMER!!

So today’s post is kind of a little fun post, and it’s not meant to be offensive in anyway…. because today I’m talking – Pet peeves – those little annoyances that get under your skin and you just can’t ignore, no matter how hard you try. They are the small things that people do out of habit or as I’ve come to realise on purpose, and it’s super annoying!

It’s actually quite surprising how entertaining it is to think of all the habits and activities that drive us (or me) mad. 

I have lots of little bad habits that I bet annoy so many people like my over use of the word “muggy” or the fact that I check in on Facebook pretty much everywhere I go, but today I’m telling you about my pet peeves!

So here is my pet peeve list.

1. Having to repeat myself multiple timesLuke (love him) actually makes me do this a lot as he tells me I talk too fast (I don’t think I do) but nothing infuriates me more than saying the same thing over and over, in the end I just want to end the conversation full stop!

2. When a public toilet seat is downIf I walk in to a cubicle in a public toilet and the seat is down, you can count on it that I will walk straight back out and find one where the seat is up. The 2 reasons for this are

A) I’m not touching a toilet seat, I just want to walk in there paper the seat, sit and wee, with minimal contact.

B) You literally do not know what is LURKING under that closed lid! It’s like people don’t flush, make a mess and then just shut the lid and walk away! Well I will not be the one to encounter that little surprise, and trust me when I say it’s happened to me before!

3. Know it alls, attention hogs and braggers – We all know a few right? I mean honestly WHAT is WORSE than people who say “I know” after you explain something. Especially when you know there is no way they can really know. No ones impressed (trust me) I found a quote on the internet by Piet Hein a danish scientist who I think worded it perfectly “Those who always know what’s best are a universal pest.” Well I agree with that!

So how about the attention hoggers, to be fair there’s probably a bit of attention hogging in all of us. But in almost all of us, it’s just a small part of who we are. I mean most of us can live with out attention from the rest of the world but there are a few who need that attention of everyone and every ear they can possibly scream into!

And finally we have the braggers, the “look what I’ve done” or look what I’m doing” or “look what I have” and they dominate every conversation with “me, me, me,me, me” YES let’s talk all about YOU (I think I’d rather stick pins in my eyes actually) etc etc. I mean no one really likes a bragger but that doesn’t seem to stop the behaviour! And even more so this doesn’t stop even when you try avoiding eye contact or stifle several yawns out of boredom. And that is because a bragger doesn’t notice! I would like to distinguish the difference between a bragger and the desire to share something positive with someone (which I am all for) but sharing doesn’t dominate a conversation as much as bragging does!

4) When people sneeze or cough without covering their mouthYes thank you so much for sharing your germs with me, I am forever grateful! I mean isn’t learning to cover your mouth something you are taught from a very very early age? Like at pre school? It’s disgusting it’s gross and I hate it!

5) Chipped nail varnish and naked toesI love having pretty nails, I get them done every 2 weeks. I can’t stand it when one of my nails chips! It’s like a disaster, and it’s all I can look at! I actually either have to file it down, re- paint over it or take the nail varnish off completely! I also hate seeing people’s picked nail varnish, just get a remover and remove it?! NAKED TOES – WHAT! Who even does that!! Ladies do you agree, toes are as important as fingers and should be treated likewise! Naked toes make me shudder!!

6) People who use the word LOLA long standing pet peeve of mine, but REALLY do you actually LAUGH OUT LOUD when you put LOL at the end of that message? No I didn’t think so!

7) People with an inflated sense of their own importanceI’m fabulous! don’t you agree? To put it bluntly I hate that tendency people have to think very highly of themselves and to have very little regard for others! The whole fishing for compliments (all the time) its a big NO NO if I think you look nice I’ll tell you that, don’t ask me if I think you look nice, because if I don’t say it I clearly don’t think it!

8) Instagram over loadersI’m sorry but anything over 2 (3 max) insta posts a day is EXCESSIVE! And if you do it more than that you kinda have too much free time on your hands!

9) People who don’t wash there hands after using the toilet Thank you for not washing you hands, I just washed mine but now I’ll pick up your germs as I open the door! Why in this day and age do people not wash their hands! It’s just so grim!

10) The one persons pout selfie I HATE THIS WITH A PASSION! Firstly the whole pout thing is now kind of fazing out, and secondly I’m all for a selfie but REALLY include other people in it, a selfie by yourself is like #nofriends!! And it’s boring! I like seeing a meaningful selfie.

And that completes my Pet Peeve list, so now over to you, what things really annoy you? Is it a selfie overload , or people who chew loudly? Whatever it is I’d love to to know, so leave me a comment below or send an email to lifestylelisa@outlook.com

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I’m off to enjoy the sunshine, and spend the day chilling with my boyfriend. Have a a great weekend guys

L xxx