Hello and Happy Wednesday!

NO SERIOUSLY it IS a REALLY happy Wednesday!

And let me tell you why (although yes the title literally does say it all)

So here I am on this sunny Wednesday morning at Gatwick airport getting ready to board my plane which will take me to FLORIDA!

It’s been a very long time coming, since this trip was booked back in August 2018 BEFORE I went to Seychelles.

I’m not sure if it was even on the cards but one day I got a text from my sister which said “Florida 2019, are we doing it” …… and well the rest is history because here we are right now ready to embark on a memorable holiday with 7 members of the family!!

There are actually 9 of us journeying to the USA this year, myself and Luke both of my parents, both of Luke’s parents, my sister and her boyfriend and Part of the extended family we have Jess.

We will be spending the next 14 days in a spacious 6 bedroom 4 bathroom villa with a heated pool and jacuzzi in Windsor hills Kissimmee, just 14 minutes from Walt Disney world!

We have been planning this since January of this year (2019), the itinerary is packed, pretty full, and FUN!! Not as heavy as mine and Luke’s 2017 trip, but even so there are not many rest days this year!!

I can’t wait, I am so so excited, I’m heading back to my favourite place with some of my most favourite people!!!!

Blogging this trip as I go along will definitely not be possible, so I am signing out for the next 14 days to enjoy some family time. Of course I will be back to blogging when I am home and will be ready to share my entire trip with you all.

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See you all real soon.

Thank you so much for reading lifestylelisa.com

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