Hello, and happy happy FRIYAY!!

I am SO glad the weekend is almost here! It’s been a busy a few weeks, and I am one tired girl!!

Recently I have really been suffering with bloggers block (little sad crying face) and that is mainly due to time, there really isn’t enough of it, which is something that’s becoming more and and more apparent to me, especially since becoming a home owner.

Finding the time to sit down and write good content has become a little difficult.

The days of chilling out after a day at work, are now replaced with cleaning the house and making sure it looks presentable and tidy. I mean I still haven’t watched season 6 of Pretty Little liars, and I can’t remember when I last watched an episode of The only way is Essex, OR when I sat down to watch a film and didn’t fall asleep! Seriously being a home owner is hard work!!

2019 has been a whirlwind so far, Luke and I became first time home owners, we took a trip to New York, throw in the mix some birthdays and family gatherings and a written off car……we have been leading really really busy lives!

Unfortunately with so much going on lifestylelisa has taken a sad little backseat to the rest of my life, and I have recently started feeling myself get bloggers block. I write content and then scrap it as I don’t feel like it’s relevant enough, or I start to right up a really good post and it never gets finished, because I don’t have the time!

I also follow some pretty awesome bloggers but find myself having less time to read all the brilliant posts they produce!!

My blogging goal for 2019 was to post every other day, but moving into the new house and having no WiFi or internet for the first month (possibly longer) put a hold on that idea, and it kind of went downhill from there.

Having seriously considered closing lifestylelisa a few weeks back, I have decided that I am NOT a quitter, so am giving it another chance, I need to make the time and the effort!!

I’m not really ready to throw 2 years of work away, so I’ve decided this is it, give it my all, or give it all up!!

Wish me luck

I would love to hear from anyone else who has suffered with bloggers block! Drop me a comment or send me an email to [email protected]

Please feel free to check out my other posts at lifestylelisa

And thank you so much for reading

L xxx