Hello! And HAPPY THURSDAY! Which today is the #newfriday!! YES the long (very very long) awaited Easter bank holiday weekend is FINALLY here (in like 8 hours) which means I get an amazing very much appreciated 4 days off to spend with Luke!!

We haven’t got anything heavy planned just a few family bits starting off with my sister and her boyfriend round on Friday night for an innocent game of cards against humanity! It’s actually the first time that Luke and I will be playing hosts since buying our first house together, so I am pretty excited!

I am also going to use my 4 days off to reconnect with lifestylelisa. If you have had the time to read my previous blog https://lifestylelisa.com/2019/04/12/bloggers-block/ you will know that I have been suffering with bloggers block and have considered closing my site down. However not one to quit that easily I am tackling it all head on and really going to give it 100% and keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

I was honestly touched by the comments and messages I received on my last blog, and they were very encouraging and supportive, which means a lot and really just goes to show what a lovely little network of bloggers I have joined. It’s nice to have encouragement from other brilliant bloggers that I follow, and it’s reignited my passion for what I have come to love doing.

Blogging isn’t a chore, it’s an enjoyment, and one that I intend to carry on with.

Have a fab Easter, weekend, and day

Thanks for reading lifestylelisa

L xxx