Hi guys!!

And HAPPY THURSDAY!! Don’t you JUST LOVE Thursday’s! You know the weekend is almost here!!

So I have been living in my own house with Luke for one whole month now! It’s had a fair amount of downs and some ups too!!

For one it’s so nice seeing Luke everyday, and chatting about work and having dinner together every night, and waking up together every morning, I absolutely love that! And we are not bored of each either, we still have so much to chat about in the evenings it’s just lovely.

The downs so far have been the STUPID van driver smashing into my car and writing it off. Okay not directly to do with the house, but I associate it with living here!! And I’ll say it again HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ON HIS PHONE! Another down is the fact that we also still ONE MONTH ON have no internet and WiFi! It’s super frustrating!! My poor data allowance!!

Becoming a home owner has been the best and the most daunting thing that I have done. And yes there are days when I just want to return home, and forget about it all and retreat back to my cosy bedroom and watch Netflix and chill!!!

But for the most part I’m enjoying the experience!!

There are definitely a lot of hidden things people don’t mention when you purchase that first house! And seriously GONE are the days when I would get in from work throw on some comfy clothes and watch a few episodes of Pretty Little liars!! Now I always seem to be on the go…

Okay so here are some things I have learnt since becoming a homeowner

  1. Most of the post is nearly almost bills! (What’s that about?!) Gone are the days when I had Asos parcels being delivered, it now almost always seems to be a bill! Thanks for that!!
  2. I am ALWAYS cleaning! Houses get messy and dirty pretty quickly, and it’s like I find dust in the weirdest of places, for example THE BATHROOM DOOR! Who even knew that had to be cleaned?!
  3. Trying to keep stainless steel clean is a mission I am yet to master. I have hob cleaner and stainless steel wipes and yet, it’s always smeared, no matter how hard I try, it’s SO annoying!!
  4. The glass doors on the showers are equally a mission to clean no matter how hard I try (and I really do try!) I have not fully mastered this either!!
  5. The washing basket piles up REALLY REALLY quickly. And unlike when I lived at home (sorry mamma) Luke and I try to do all our washing on a Friday night, which means it’s underwear sets for the first few days then just mix and match it and try and wing it until wash day!! Oh and even though it’s only the two of us WHY does one sock always go MIA?
  6. There is no washing fairy who folds your clothes and puts them in neat piles! Nope turns out that was my mum and nan! And I have learnt that with weekly washing come the chore of drying the clothes AND putting them away! Including pairing up SOCKS!!!!!!
  7. Washing up is a chore, as we still have no dishwasher (and to be fair we don’t NEED one as there is only the two of us) BUT It’s like wash, dry, put away, AND begin again!! Seriously exhausting!!
  8. Meal planning!! Something I am getting used too, only just. But in the past it’s no secret that Luke and I would quite happily spend £50 in M&S on a single meal. Now days we are into prepping and planning!! And whilst preparing dinner I am already thinking what I’m going to be cooking the next night!!
  9. Lunch is decent for the first 3 days, but after Wednesday it’s get what your given! I like to make mine and Luke’s lunch the night before, it’s always salad which Luke has with chicken and I have with Quorn. Monday’s Tuesdays and Wednesday’s the lunch is pretty good but by Thursday and most definitely Friday, the salad has lost the will to live, we have 4 tomatoes left, and 1 tin of sweetcorn!! BUT shopping is done weekly on a Friday, and I will not do it before!!
    Dust settles really quickly, I think I need a cleaner actually ?
    I am ALWAYS tired! Seriously I haven’t felt this tired since Florida 2017 when Luke and I were doing 10 to 14 hour days starting at 6am! And this is because there is CONSTANTLY something to do around the house!! Make the lunches, do the dinner, wash up, dry up, put away! ITS RELENTLESS!!!
    I genuinely get excited about my Tesco online delivery arriving! Yep that’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say! Luke and I get our shopping delivered every Friday night and I honestly look forward to it because I always forget what I’ve ordered so it’s kinda like a little surprise!
    We make food last! Again (sorry mamma) but I like to use ALL the food in the house, so that the waste is minimal! I have seen my mum by food that no one has eaten and it goes in the bin. I literally like to use EVERYTHING! In fact there were some left over cooked Quorn sausages sitting in the fridge and I didn’t know when we would eat them so I chopped them up and in the lunch bowl they went!!!!!
  • I’m still obviously adjusting to “adulting” but I’m getting there I think……. it’s fun and I know I will love the house when it eventually looks like a home. In the mean time I’m just winging it, and hoping for the best!
  • Have a great Thursday everyone
  • Thanks for reading lifestylelisa
  • L xxx