Happy Thursday everyone

Thursday is one of my favourite days of the week because I can SEE the weekend from here!!

And I am lucky enough to have ANOTHER 3 day weekend because on Monday (03/09/2018) Luke and I are off to see BAT OUT OF HELL for the 3RD time! I can’t wait to see it again, it is by far my most favourite show! If you haven’t checked out the Bat Blog you can right here!!

I’m also very excited because……


I am now only 9 day’s away from my 2018 vacation which this year will be to the Seychelles!

I am super excited!! I have no idea what to expect, this is a completely new destination for me, having spent the last 3 years vacationing in Florida.

I’ve missed the planning side of a Florida vacation this year, it’s been strange not having Disney planners scattered around me, booking dinning reservations and worrying about if I’ll get the Fastpass’s I want!! I’ve also missed my Disney countdowns!! All in all it’s been very quiet leading up to the Seychelles vacation!!

However I am very much looking forward too not setting my alarm for 6am, and running from one side of the magic kingdom to the other to get my Fastpass’s in! I’m looking forward to my first chilled out vacation in 3 years, one where I can spend some quality time with Luke and make some absolutely amazing memories.

I did however make a complete school girl error which I will share with YOU so you all don’t make the same mistake as me!

I DIDN’T check what vaccinations I needed BEFORE travelling abroad! Which I know is stupid of me BUT there was sketchy information on most of the websites I was looking at, which states as long as you were up to date with your standard vaccines you would be fine. After some more digging it turns out that this was not the case, and I needed to be vaccinated against Typhoid and Hepatitis A, and I needed to be up to date with my tetanus obviously by now this was very close to the holiday so therefore had to be done privately CUE £140 later and a very soar arm! I’m not going to lie, it really hurt (and I’m not just talking about my purse after paying out for the shots!) I had a cold before hand so having the injections completely knocked me and I was ill for 3 days after! SO if you are traveling to Seychelles from the UK get vaccinated!!

I’m now all up to date with the vaccines and also feeling back to my human self.

Packing will commence this weekend, as will last minute shopping, to get the essential toiletries. I have all the clothes and shoes I need! Definitely enough to fill my 2 suitcase allowance!!

I fly on Saturday 8th September at 6pm, and am planning to get a good few hours sleep in before landing in Seychelles at 7am.

Please do check out my Seychelles blog here, and if you have been I would LOVE to hear from you.

Enjoy your Thursday

Thanks for reading lifestylelisa.com

L xxx