Luke and I are heading off to the Seychelles for our summer September holiday! YAYYYYY!!!! (HAPPY FACE) 

Okay as most of you know I LOVE FLORIDA & DISNEY and to be honest there is nothing I would love more than to be heading back there for the 4th time in a row this year! However after much deliberation Luke and I decided it was time to spread our wings (in the the travel sense) and explore some new destinations, and as they say travel broadens the mind.

Although I am super sad (no really I am) not to be heading back to one of my most favourite places on Earth this year, I am very much excited to visit somewhere new.

We kind of made the decision whilst on holiday in Florida last year (2017). If you have or are following my Disney and Florida blogs you will know that we fitted an awful lot in, and we were shattered! By the end of our two week vacation we had done 8 Disney character dinning experiences, eaten in 4 Disney restaurant’s, done the Happily ever dessert party, and the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween, I saw all the parades and fireworks, we did 78 rides, walked a total of 98.02 miles and managed a grand total of 216,443 steps!! Seriously we needed a vacation to get over that!!! But my god it was SO worth it, and I would change the 6 and 7am wake up calls for anything.

The Seychelles is a new adventure for us both, it’s a destination neither of us have ever visited before, so it’ll be great for us to experience it together.

I must admit I do feel a bit lost, as usually around this time I start planning and putting together the itinerary for our Florida trip, so things are a little quieter on the planning front so far.

Of course Luke and I are still going to plan our trip, although yes it will be less intense, we are not a couple who like laying on the beach all day everyday, so we will look at planning some excursions, we will definitely be doing a fair bit of snorkelling, and I am also keen to find some little village markets and some restaurants to eat in that are away from our resort. I can’t wait to step off the plane and hopefully find myself on my very own paradise island, and I love feeling the sand between my toes…..But don’t worry, I won’t be doing a count down……Just yet!

I am very much looking forward to chilling out a bit more this year, and not walking miles and miles! And whilst I don’t like to lay on a beach all day everyday, every other day is just fine with me!

I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has visited The Seychelles before, I am keen to know your thoughts on the island, any good places to eat and what activities I can do whilst I am there. Any tips and advice you can now email me direct at [email protected]

Oh and just putting out there….I may not be off to Florida this year, but I am most certainly on hand to help plan or give tips to anyone lucky enough to be off there this year. I’m better than a travel advisor because I DON’T CHARGE !! email me at [email protected]

Thanks for reading!

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