Weekends are just so precious, I look forward to them, I can’t wait for them, and when the sun is shining it just seems to make everything a whole lot better.

This weekend Luke and I spent our Saturday chilling out on Mersea Island, if you follow my blogs you will know that I particularly love spending time here. It’s beautiful and picturesque and we both love being here whether it’s Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring.

Mersea Island is an island in Essex England. The island is split into two main areas, West Mersea and East Mersea, and connected to the mainland by the Strood, a causeway that can flood at high tide. Which quite literally means if you don’t check the tide times, you could be stuck on the island!!

For me I love the smell of the sea, and the salty air, and walking along the beach is one of my most favourite things to do, it’s nice to do something so chilled out and simple on a Saturday. Especially since Luke and I have been super busy since January!

I am so lucky to have this beautiful island virtually on my doorstep (about a thirty minute car journey) Whether you come here and eat out in one of quaint little pubs or restaurants or you pack up a picnic and find a little spot overlooking the estuary, it’s peaceful with beautiful scenery.

Sunday Luke and I decided to make the most of the sunshine, and have an absolute stay at home and chill out day! In fact I’ve spent my afternoon sitting out in the sun reading blogs and posts about Seychelles, (our vacation destination 2018) I am trying to be a little more organised with this vacation but at the moment we still don’t have a countdown or an itinerary!! That is never ideal for a serial planner like myself!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, wherever in-the world you may be

Thanks for reading

L xxx