I love Mersea island, it’s one of my favourite places in Essex to visit, it’s peaceful, relaxing and has some beautiful scenery too

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Luke and I were on the island at the weekend (23rd – 25th Feb 2018), and decided to take ourselves off for a nice long beach walk. I love walking along the beach when it’s cold, there is nothing better than wrapping up warm and heading out for a brisk walk.

Whilst walking along the beach we saw some rubbish so decided to do our bit and pick it up. What we hadn’t actually planned for was just how much rubbish there was scattered along beach.

What turned into picking up a few bits of rubbish turned into more of a mission for Luke and I, which resulted in me running into a local shop to pick up a couple of carrier bags to put the rubbish in.

2018 has most definitely seen me become more aware of what we are doing to the environment. I am gradually trying to become more eco friendly. I no longer use plastic straws, I have a never ending supply of pots for my salad’s and I have reusable bottles for my water. With that said I know there is still so much I can and should be doing.

I am a very big animal lover, I don’t eat meat and to the best of my ability I use products that are not tested on animals or contain palm oil (the body shop is one of my favourite brands)

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I am very much saddened by the damage we are doing to nature and the environment with the amount of rubbish that is littering our coastlines and our seas and ocean’s around the world.

During my 3.5 mile walk Luke and I collected 2 carrier bags full of rubbish, but there was still lots more that we didn’t get. I must have passed maybe 10 or so people walking along the beach out for a stroll and walking there dogs. Now maybe if each of those people had picked up a handful of rubbish on there walk we could have started to make a difference.

I am one person and the change that I can make is very minimal, but I’m willing to try, and if I’m willing to try, maybe we can all try. The planet Is ours and will one day be left to our children and grandchildren, the difference needs to start being made now, before it’s too late.