I just love weekends, I live for my weekends (who doesn’t right!) You work hard all week, and rewarded by 2 beautiful days off that are all yours, to do whatever you want with!

I’m lucky as both Luke and I only work Monday to Friday and never have to work a weekend, believe me though when I say I’ve done my fair share of working Saturdays and Sundays, and I am now done with that!! 

Luke and I made a list when we first got together of things we wanted to do, it’s a very mixed list with a variety of things on there from playing monopoly, to weekends away. There is no set time to do the list, and we add things and tick them off as we go along. 

Some weekends we are pretty active and will pick something off the list, and have a random little adventure, and some weekends are more chilled and we do our own things during the day and meet back up later on during the day.

Being a couple who are very much in love, it’s still massively important for us to have time apart, living in each other’s pockets is not healthy. And to be honest it’s lovely to have some Saturdays on my own to catch up on things or pop to town to do a bit of shopping. Luke normally heads off to the gym, and to Nando’s for some guy time!

As well as working full-time, blogging, working out, I also have a hen do I am busy planning, and between Luke and I we are also busy planning our up and coming 2017 Florida vacation!!. 

One of my favourite places to visit recently is Mersea island which is situated near Colchester. We have spent part of our last 2 long bank holiday weekends there, chilling out, walking along the beach and enjoying the scenery.It’s so peaceful there and the views are pretty beautiful!! Perfect for some selfies, or Polaroid pictures. I also love the fact that I hardly get a signal whilst I’m there!! I won’t lie, social media is quite a big part of my life, I use it a lot for blogging, but I’m also one for flicking on and off of Facebook regularly. So heading to Mersea and loosing all contact with the real world is very refreshing!! And it’s nice to look at other things other than my phone, which let’s be honest is like an extension of my arm!!

Heading to mersea for us is fairly non expensive, I am lucky enough that my family have a little place there, and it’s less than an hour from home. It’s a nice little get away, and is particularly great for me, being a big lover of seafood! As you can see I’m pretty spoilt for choice!! Here is a little sample of food from The Oyster bar

Delicious food from the oyster bar

My absolute only stipulation for weekends is that Sundays are left for lay-ins!!! I don’t care if I have to be up and out the door by 7am on a Saturday, Sundays I have to hit at least 9 hours sleep time! (I say I but Luke is in total agreement with me!!) And there have been times when we have had those awkward moments where someone asks us if we want to do something on a Sunday and Luke and I just look at each other….. like we both know if it involves us getting up early on a Sunday then the answer is NO!!! 

Like most people I work towards my weekends, and I never feel like I waste one, so whether we’re out and about on an adventure or laying in till 11am and watching movies, that is quite simply what our weekends are for.