“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”

Todays post if you haven’t quite guessed is all about my dog Hunter! It’s been a while since I did any kind of pup date, so I thought Why not dedicate a little post to him.

Name – Hunter

Breed – Hungarian Vizsla

Age – 2 years & 6 months

Since Hunter came bouncing into our lives over 2 years ago, mine & Luke’s life in general seems to revolve around this needy dog! And although I’m rolling my eyes at the the sheer thought of how much Luke and I have had to adapt to accommodate him, I also know that really I wouldn’t have him any other way.

He was such a tiny pup when we travelled to Wales to pick him up, on a really stormy day back in February 2020 (just before lockdown!) Luke was amazing with him and had him toilet trained in like 2 days! The only accident Hunter ever had in the house was a wee on the rug the first day we got him home, other that that he has always gone outside, seriously what a good boy!

For the most part I absolutely love being a dog mum, Hunter is an extremely friendly, loving and very happy dog, his tail quite literally never stops wagging (it even wags in his sleep, cute or what!)

Due to the nature of the breed Hunter likes to be with a human at all times, the breed are actually nicknamed “Velcro dogs!” And Hunter most certainly takes that to a whole new level. He is super super needy! Bordering social anxiety behaviour, meaning that Luke and I can never just leave him for a few hours whilst we hit the shops, pop out for a meal, or visit some friends! If we do we need to get a dog sitter!! Cue mum and dad to the rescue! They are great at dropping everything and having him at short notice, whether we drop him round theirs or they come to us and sit with him for a few hours, he’s never left alone.

Monday – Thursday We pack up Hunters back pack (yes he absolutely does have one, a dinosaur one!) and he comes to work with me, it’s not always easy and sometimes he is a complete nightmare but for the most part he’s okay, a little restless at times, but we just try and deal with it. Friday he is lucky and gets to stay at home with his human dad as Luke works from home on a Friday. So as far as the working week goes he’s pretty lucky and gets to be with us (I don’t think he even realises just how lucky he is!)

Hunter has always been extremely vocal, right. From when we picked him up and bought him home as a puppy he was extremely vocal and that isn’t something that has gone away! He is still extremely vocal, and is very quick to let us know when he’s not happy or when he needs something. He is equally as vocal if we leave him alone for a short hour to pop to the supermarket (heaven forbid!)

My house is now very much Hunters home, he sits on the furniture, he leaves toys and chews everywhere, and my once show home (as my mum called it) is less of a show home and more of home that has a dog! Yes I am forever cleaning a bit of mud of the walls, hoovering up dog hairs, and washing the throws that now sit on the sofas. Hunter sleeps in until 11am at weekends and falls asleep around 8.30pm, I think he’s in that teenage stage now!

He’s not the easiest dog if I’m honest, and he tests my patience on a daily basis, but when I see his face he melts my heart every time, and I can never stay mad at him for long.

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Enjoy the last day of the weekend!!