Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday! I can’t believe another working week flew by as did another weekend and here we are on a Sunday afternoon!!

Luke and I actually went on our first date on this day 5 years ago! Forever a beautiful memory for me, we went to watch the film insidious 2 at the local cinema. Happy to say it was the first of many many memorable dates with Luke, so happy 5 year date day Mr Kendal ?

SO….BUSY! That is how I am summing up my life right now! I feel as though I have been home from Seychelles for months and not just over 2 weeks. Life has quite literally got super busy since I stepped off of the plane, it’s all extremely exciting but completely manic!! Luke and I have some very exciting things happening in the next few months, which I will share with you all in due course.

So apart from working and getting excited about my future with Luke, I am also trying to see friends that I haven’t seen in ages!! It’s crazy how the people who are so important to you, you just don’t get time to see anymore and I made a promise to myself at the beginning the year to MAKE TIME for old friends , so far I am sad to say I haven’t kept to that but moving forward I fully intend to.

Because it is my favourite season of all AUTUMN i like to have a good clear out of things I don’t want or need anymore! So I have spent some of my evening’s having a good wardrobe clear out! I have clothes that I haven’t worn in months just hanging there, so I decided to put everything I haven’t worn in a year or doesn’t fit me anymore on eBay! Not a bad shout if I’m honest as so far I’ve managed to make just over £100 pounds, which is £100 more than I would of had if I had just chucked out the clothes! And now that I am a good TWO stone lighter than I was this time last year, all of last years autumn/winter clothes are too big! If I ever needed an excuse to buy more clothes there it is!!!!

I have also been keeping myself busy with PLANNING forever the serial planner that I am, I am enjoying packing out the rest of my Calendar with various dates, starting with a trip to the cinema this coming Wednesday to watch the original Halloween movie! Yes it’s an old and slightly cheesy movie but it’s a classic and I have never seen on the big screen, so I’m very excited abut that cute little date night with Luke. And can we please appreciate my new jumper?! I actually love this, and can’t wait to wear it! I love Halloween!!! It’s like embracing Halloween without full on fancy dress! Check out the website fairy season where I purchased this from. Luke and I also have plans with friends and a trip (or maybe 2….OR 3….) to London to watch Nativity the musical in December! Check out last years blog here and don’t forget to book your ticket!!! There really is nothing better than watching the amazing stage show before Christmas it really gets you in the Christmas spirit. Lastly I am already starting to plan for Christmas, Christmas is a really big deal in my house and we really do go all out to make it memorable. Thank god for pucker pads for Christmas planning right?!?! Luke is as always the hardest person I have to buy for, so I have to start thinking way in advance what I can get the man who pretty much does have everything!

In amongst all the crazy business that October has so far bought me, I have managed to still find time for my favourite pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks! Does anything taste better?! It’s just so good!! I love pumpkin anything and everything from pie, m&m’s, cookies and muffins, even porridge, to lattes and frappes! Unfortunately here in the UK we are very limited on pumpkin flavoured things, and as I haven’t been to Florida this year I wasn’t able to stock up on anything, so lattes and frappes from Starbucks are all I have this season.

So if any of my lovely readers know where I can get my pumpkin spice fix (in the UK) please do share the links with me!!

I’ am fully embracing autumn it’s so beautiful! I love wrapping up putting my wellies on and getting outside to take photos of the crispy leaves scattered on the floor. Still trying to get to grips with the the little photo device Luke bought me, not having much luck at the moment!!

I am feeling super happy and content, and extremely lucky too. so much to look forward too, including my sisters birthday tomorrow!!!!!

So happy Sunday to all of you

L xxx