Good morning everyone!!

So this morning I woke up in the beautiful Seychelles! For a couple of moments I did wonder where I was and was sad when I realised I wasn’t in Florida! But I soon got over it when I opened my curtains and saw the stunning views!!

I am feeling much more awake today, and that is because I slept for 8 hours and 40 minutes!! I needed the sleep, and the beds were so comfy I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! It is also so peaceful and quiet here!!

O8.30 It’s breakfast time!! Which is good because I am actually (once again) starving!! Heading down the corossol restaurant and I over the moon to find out it’s a breakfast buffet!! Mindful that I don’t want to over indulge in food (it’s only my first day after all) I opted for some healthy foods.

I also had some coconut water, and tropical juice, which if you have ever eaten at Tusker house in Disney’s animal kingdom tastes exactly like JUNGLE JUICE! And I LOVE JUNGLE JUICE!!!

Once again the buffet has so much on offer even the fussiest of eaters (my sister) would find something that they would like.

So what to do today! I have to admit it’s so difficult not having an itinerary, the words “what shall we do today” were spoken at breakfast, something you would never hear on a Disney vacation!! And I hate those words, but I HAVE to realise that this is a CHILLED OUT vacation!! So I need to CHILL!!

We have decided to take a trip into Victoria the worlds smallest capital city. We have a taxi booked with our hotel at an agreed price, and are set to leave the resort at 10.30am

Victoria is about a 45 minute drive (possibly less) from the Constance Ephelia, but Barry (our taxi driver) stopped on the way for some photo opportunities. And guess what I saw… A SPIDER…. and the SPIDERS ARE HUGE here in the Seychelles! We all know how much I hate spiders!! Luckily there doesn’t seem to any in the resort and more importantly my resort room!!

I am told by Barry (taxi man) that these are palm spiders and do not bite unlike the brown spiders. In fact apparently these palm spiders can be held if you so desire, and I DON’T ever desire to hold one!!! EVER! It’s so big I’m not sure it would fit in the palm of my hand!!!!

Anyway I digress

Victoria is very busy, obviously as it’s the capital! As well as locals there are tourists too, you can spot them a mile off, I should know I am one, and definitely stand out with all my photo taking!!

We hit the local market which is very traditional, fruit, veg and fish, lots of herbs and spices, and the usual clothes and gifts. What I love about this particular market is that you don’t feel obligated to buy, you can touch, pick up and look at things without someone pushing you to buy it!! I bought an anklet which was 25 rupees (roughly around £1.50) you can barter with them, but for that price I didn’t feel as though there was any need.

Opposite the market there is a Hindu temple that you are welcome to go into (remove your shoes before entering). What an absolute gem of a find, at the time we arrived they had just started there blessing which I got to watch a take photos of (I did ask before hand if I could) but they were fine with me doing some filming and taking photos. I got told that the Hindu god that they were worshipping will be celebrating his birthday this coming Thursday (13/09/2018) so the blessings will take place everyday until then. It was amazing to be able to watch this. I have never seen anything like it before and most probably never well.

Being here in the Seychelles I am finding that there is a different mix of both African and Indian culture, I feel as though I am getting the best of both countries while being here!

Wanting to fit something else into the day we stopped at beau vallon beach for a drink and some bathing and swimming. It was very windy and the sand was blowing everywhere! But we had a quick dip (by the way the water is freezing, both the sea and the resort pool) before leaving to take the taxi back to the resort.

I am now once again by the pool blissfully chilling out with my book, and the view for a Monday?….. not bad!!

19.00 It’s definitely a hard life here in the Seychelles, as I’am now eating the most delicious buffet ever!! It is Italian night here at the corossol restaurant, and what a grand feast it is. Fresh handmade pasta, fresh olives and bread, different salads, spoilt for choice is an understatement. What I love about a buffet is that you can make each meal your own, and be as healthy (or unhealthy) as you like. So far I have been pretty good, and haven’t been swayed by temptation! However it is only day one so anything could happen.

I am finishing the night off with some live music and a couple of Tom Collins, which are very nice and very strong!! Don’t know what a Tom Collins is? I didn’t either!! But I can now tell you it is Gin, soda water, Lime and sugar! It’s my new favourite drink!!!

I feel incredibly lucky to be here in this beautiful country. I know some people never get to visit such a beautiful place.

23.00 Now time for sleep, ready for tomorrow, I may just dream about the breakfast buffet!!!!

Night all!!!!

Ps did you miss my travel day blog?? No worries read it here


L xxx