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This time I’m letting you into MY TOP 5 tips for getting the most out of your visit to Epcot! This park is easily one of my favourites and I like to spend my time wisely exploring every inch of it.

  1. Book early dinning reservations– I told you this would be mentioned in a lot of my tips! This is such an important one! Book the early reservation and utilise your time. I love the parks first thing in the morning, you can get some awesome pictures, but also once you are in the park you can get on those popular rides first. If your having breakfast at Garden Grill head straight to Soarin’ or if you are eating at Akershus then make the most out of being next door to Frozen ever after! You can do both rides definitely once maybe even twice without a fastpass before the queue begins to form!
  2. Split the parks into 2 days– Luke and I have found the best way to enjoy Epcot is by splitting Epcot into two days, a day to do the rides and the illuminations and a day to explore the countries. we have tried to do it all in one day back in 2015 and failed miserably and had to miss a lot of the park out. By spending more than one day here you can make sure that you check out all 11 countries, do all the rides and get your spot for the illuminations.
  3. Stop at Club Cool– People tend to miss this out, but I love Club Cool, it’s a great little stop and chill spot and you get to sample different soft drinks for countries around the world. It’s a win win situation right? And who doesn’t want to try some Beverly…..
  4. Get your Illumination spot early-Epcot illuminations are spectacular, I love watching it and I find emotional, but that’s just me. As with any Disney parade, show, firework display, my best advice is go get your spot early. Again I recommended a good 1 hour 30 minutes before the illuminations start. As with any Disney spectacular it will always be worth the wait.
  5. Eat your way around the world!– Whilst making your way around the epic world showcase be sure that when you are in each country to sample some local cuisine. Whether you are lucky enough to be visiting whilst the international food and wine festival is going on, or you just fancy going from country to country trying some delicious and random treats, there is pretty much something to tickle any tastebud. My personal favourites are the school bread which you will find in the Kringla Bakeri in Norway, the Bubble tea from Japan, the pumpkin pie funnel cake from American adventure and finally the Cronut (sold throughout the showcase) Of course the list is pretty much endless, but eating my way around the world is definitely something I enjoy!!

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