On Day 6 of our very busy 2017 Florida vacation we had made plans to spend an entire full on day at Epcot, with a special character breakfast at Garden Grill.

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So yes it was ANOTHER very early start for the Kendal Taylor’s!! Our reservation was for 8.05am so we needed to be at Epcot by 7:45am which meant getting up at 6:45am!! SO TIRED!! But of course so worth it.

Upon arrival at the main gates we of course had to join the breakfast queue, but once the park actually opened the line went down pretty fast. Booking such an early breakfast meant we could get some great photos of a pretty quiet, less crowded Epcot once inside the park! I LOVE getting into the parks before the mass of people to get those perfect shots without everyone in the background.

Chip N’ Dale’s Harvest Feast Breakfast at Garden Grill 

The Garden Grill is a rotating restaurant (don’t worry it’s super slow, you can’t even feel you are moving!) in The Land Pavilion located in the Future World area of Epcot. Here you get to not only tuck into a delicious amount of food but you also get to meet Chip N’ Dale, Pluto and Mickey Mouse, they come round to your table whilst your tucking right on in!!

I have to say this was quite possibly one of my most favourite breakfasts, firstly dining as a couple meeting characters as apposed to meeting princesses is always just that little bit less awkward, Chip N’ Dale and Pluto were super funny not to mention cheeky and were having great interaction with not only us but also our server too (Amanda). Secondly what I love about Garden Grill is THE FOOD!! WOW, just take a look at this menu.

Chip’s Sticky Bun Bake – large skillet cinnamon bun with warm vanilla icing, Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, Mickey-shaped Waffle – with warm chocolate-hazelnut drizzleSide Dishes Hash Brown-style Potato Barrels , Thick Sliced Bacon Sausage AND Seasonal Fresh Fruits

YES you really do get ALL of that! And because I am a vegetarian we actually got another skillet with veggie patties and hash brows and veggie sausages in! Seriously there is so much good food here I could have quite easily have stayed ALL DAY!! And the as much as you can eat breakfast comes with a very reasonable $29.99! All good things however must come to an end, and after the food and selfies I was desperate to get that first ride on Soarin’ before the park got really busy!

It may sound mad to some people that Luke and I spent 15 hours here in Epcot in one day BUT I truly think this is the BEST way to do Epcot. It’s such a big park and really spread out, you can easily miss some of the delights and hidden gems, which let’s face it, no one wants to do. Epcot is truly beautiful and I love taken photos while I’m here

After breakfast Luke and I stayed away from the countries and instead made sure that we did all the rides (a few times) In fact we did soarin’ 7 times, Test track twice, Spaceship earth twice, Living with the lands, Circle of Life, and Mission Space. We also made a pit stop at Club Kool of course, and watched all the unsuspecting poor unfortunate souls sample THE BEVERLY!!

We took our time and made sure we did everything we wanted too, before heading to get our spot for the Epcot illuminations. I have already covered this topic in my 2016 blog so please feel free to check it out HERE. All I can say is get your spot early and don’t miss this amazing spectacular, I always have a tear in my eye by the end of it.

We were lucky that on this particular day there were extra Magic Hours from 9pm-11pm which meant Luke and I made it on Frozen Ever After!!! without a Fastpass, although we did have to queue for around 30 minutes it was still completely worth it!!

Our 15 hour day meant that by the time we had got back to our hotel room I had done 23,292 steps and covered 9.24 miles!! I was well and truly ready for bed!!

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L xx