Hi! And of course HAPPY SUNDAY!! I mean it is Sunday right!

Today I thought why not throw in a short positivity post (don’t worry I’m definitely not about to get all preachy on you I promise)

I actually originally wrote a positive vibes post back in January of this year (2020), but have decided it was time for another, seeing how the world has drastically changed in just 6 months!

Now more than ever it’s important to remain positive, we have all found ourselves in a situation that we never thought we would be in and are all learning to deal with it and live with it.

It’s very easy to fall into bad habits when the world feels like for now it has momentarily stopped spinning.

I sat down recently and thought about things that I want to change moving forward. The pointless things that I seem to spend so long obsessing over. I’ve come up with a list of 5 (being realistic) I’m hoping this is a list that I can really stick too for the remainder of the year and beyond, however the future may look.

My list of 5

1. Let go of things I can’t control – I over think and over analyse pretty much everything, and usually end up stressing myself out in the process. It’s time to stop, and remember what will be will be, I can’t change it or control it. I also MUST remember that stressing makes you prematurely age, sure I read that somewhere!

2. Avoid comparing myself to others – Yep I do this A LOT! I think it comes down to the perception people have that you should be married by now with 5 kids hanging off of every limb. I do at time’s compare myself and my life to others. It’s hard and it’s something I do subconsciously but I need to stop and go with the flow! I love my life! Luke and I do so many things and have impromptu trips here and there, and getting Hunter has been the cherry on the cake!

3. Avoid gossip – This is a difficult one because let’s be honest WHO DOESN’T gossip from time to time! But it’s worth a try right!

4. Ignore others negative opinions – I love listening to other people’s opinions but negative ones are a no no! They aren’t needed and won’t be appreciated. Supporting each other’s decisions is something we should all try embracing a little more.

5. Avoid self doubt – I am as serious self doubter of my own abilities, and I need to have a more belief in myself and what I can do and achieve. Passing my eyelash course was a huge thing for me, as I found it so difficult and at times wanted to just give up! Passing was a big confidence boost! Now there is literally no stopping me!

Covid-19 has been a really awful time for us all, and for some it has been the worst time of their lives. But for all the bad it’s brought with it I am taking away positives from this whole experience, I’ve definitely learnt some things about myself.