2020, a year of many opportunities that shouldn’t be wasted. A year that I decided I would make my own and a year that I decided to be the best version of myself possible.

Day 9 of 2020 and I haven’t disappointed myself so far! In fact I feel like I’m embracing the new me. I definitely am having a different outlook to the year, and I am really trying to stop negative thoughts and surround myself with negative people. The little things in life that once annoyed me (and I made seem bigger) now just go over my head. Let people be who they want to be, even if they are passionate or have views that I don’t share, that’s down to the individual.

I’m actually liking this new me, and please don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve gone through life up and until now being a negative person because I haven’t. But in some situations that have occurred I have had more of a negative than positive outlook on them.

And whilst I may always just have a natural resting bitch face (can’t be helped) I am trying to be less Blair Waldorf and more Serena Van der Woodsen this year (xoxo gossip girl)

My new saying for the year is “it’s not ideal, but it’s fine”

I mean it’s only day 9, I know, but maybe, just maybe I can carry this on and be that better version of myself.

Happy Thursday everyone, I don’t know about anyone but I feel shattered! I’ve only been back to work a week but I need a holiday!!

Still the weekend is almost here, just one more day to go.