Is it Friday yet? Or better still Saturday?……..

Day 16 of the new “positive me”…. and well it’s kind of diminishing pretty fast I’d say!

Oh how I had high hopes for the wonderful sounding 2020, but when on day 15 of a brand new year the industrial sized work bin rolls down the hill and into and damages your car WHICH is less than a year old I might add, you kind of can’t help but to be like “What the hell 2020, REALLY!!

It’s all been heightened a little due to the fact that it is “THAT” time of the month (sorry if that’s TMI) BUT naturally I am more of an emotional wreck than I usually am.

So of course being emotional from a dented car door, then brings out this little negative personality in me, and I start turning the tiniest of things into mount Vesuvius! I mean really it’s a talent – to be able to turn something so small into something much bigger!

Like for example this time last year Luke and I had just booked New York and we also heading off to to Florida, this year we have no break booked and NO main holiday booked! Obviously for me that just spells DISASTER and is the biggest issue to arise since Brexit (in my eyes anyway)

Dramatic much? Of course! But I’m tired, hormonal and can’t wait for the weekend!

With that said, it is Thursday, which means that it is almost the weekend, and I for one am looking forward to a very chilled one with Luke.

Anyways a short but sweet post from me today, SO Happy Thursday , and enjoy the rest of your day.