Happy Thursday! And back to reality it is for me. It sucks, let’s be honest, no one wants to head back to the office after the Christmas break, especially when you leave your boyfriend tucked up all cosy in bed because he has EXTRA days off! Definitely not cool!!

As I sat here cold and tired eating my porridge this morning I thought I’d write up a little post Revising my 2019. I found a whole bunch of questions in relation to this in Pinterest, and thought it would be fun to answer a few.

So here it is 2019 – A review

1. One word to describe my year – BUSY! Really busy! And stressful at times, buying a house and moving is definitely NOT stress free!

2. An achievement I was proud of in 2019 – That would be when I was given the opportunity to do a book review for the lovely author Karen Kelly and her fantastic book Lillian White’s Journey. I couldn’t believe that an unknown blogger such as myself could have gotten such a brilliant opportunity. And if your wondering, it really is a great book, so you should definitely check it out.

3. Favourite show of 2019 – “HELLO” without a doubt Book of Mormon, I really hope to catch it again in 2020.

4. Favourite place that I visited in 2019 – It has to be NYC! What a fantastic, lively, busy city it is, and I made memories that I will never forget.

5. Do I have any outstanding goals – Absolutely YES! I have a few that I plan on completing in 2020!!

6. What held me back in 2019 – Being absolutely honest, I would say that I held myself back in 2019. I am an over thinker, and can very easily talk myself out of something. I also at times doubt myself and my ability.

7. Biggest lesson learned in 2019– I have learnt that everything will work out in the end, even if at the time it doesn’t feel like it ever will. I have also learnt to not let silly things bother me, and know that people’s social media persona’s and life’s are a far cry from there own.

8. When did I feel most exhausted in 2019. Most definitely towards the end of 2019. We hit November and I was just clawing my way to Christmas and having time off. I was unwell at the end of November and just felt completely drained.

9. What advice do I want to give myself in 2020 – LISA, stop with your over thinking, if you want something go out and get it, opportunities won’t come knocking at your door you need to find them!

10. What am I most thankful for in 2019 – Moat definitely everyone that I am fortunate enough to have in my life and thankful that everyone remained safe and healthy in 2019, and I hope that, that will be the case for 2020.

So there it is a shirt reflection on 2019, all I can is, watch out 2020, I’m coming for you!

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