Hi everyone! Can you believe its June already? Time is flying by and before too long we will be talking all things Christmas related!

 I have been a bit slow on the posts lately purely for the fact that i have been super busy doing general life things!! Working, housework, buying things for the house, just generally keeping constantly busy doing the “adult things” now i’m a homeowner, I am in serious need of a VACAY!!

This weekend my mum and dad have the pleasure of my company since Luke is away on  a stag weekend, so i have moved back home for 2 nights and since I am guest here in my childhood home that means I can pretty much chill right? which has given time to write this post!

Since loosing weight (don’t worry I won’t bore you all with that post again, although if you are interested click on the link to read the full post??https://lifestylelisa.com/2018/04/09/lets-talk-weight-loss/) but anyway since the “weight loss journey” I have slowly started to realise that its not just about being healthy body wise, it’s actually just as equally important to be healthy in other areas too. 

 Springing into June I am trying to mentally get myself into the healthier habits in life. For the most part I eat healthy but food and diet is only one part of getting into a healthy routine.

 So here is my list of things I want to try for a healthier lifestyle.

 1. Hitting the 10,000 steps a day – Now this is easier said than done when your job involves sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day! However moving forward I am going to try and hit the 10k mark. Some days I’m lucky if I manage 3,000 steps which I know is pretty poor, so it’s time to up my game!

2. Drinking at least 7 glasses of water a day – I love water, but there are some days when I drink cups of tea and coffee and the only water I have is the quick sip after so my teeth don’t stain (oral hygiene….. SO important) I have 2 chilly’s water bottles and my NEW love island water bottle (#itiswhatitis) so I have NO excuses not to get my water intake up.

3. 8 Hours of sleep – SERIOUSLY I WISH! This is such a difficult one as by the time I get in from work do whatever needs to be done, have dinner and shower it’s 9pm! I then have Love Island to watch (of course) which means that by the time Luke and I go to bed it’s around midnight and I have to be up at 6am, so where exactly am I meant to fit in the 8 hours of quality sleep!! HONESTLY just writing about it makes me feel tired!!

4. Chill time –  Sometimes it’s important to have 15/20 minutes of reflection time, a time to write in my planner and diary, and just totally ZEN for a bit.

5. More fruit and Veg – Being a non meat eater my dinners always include vegetables! BUT i could definitely do with adding more fruit into my every day lifestyle. I LOVE fruit and veg so there really is NO excuses.

6.  30 minuets of exercise a day – If i manage this, this will probably help out with my number 1 goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day!! I now do 2 classes a week on a Monday and  Thursday but the rest of the week is pretty much a let down. With the weather (hopefully) getting better now we are in June I think I need to get out more and start walking! And lest we forget about my impending trip to Florida where I will easily be covering 8 plus miles a day, its definitely time to get those legs moving Lisa!

7. Putting the iPhone, iPad and laptop away – My phone is shamefully an extension of my right arm (but at least I am honest about it) So moving forward at least 1 hour before bed I am going to put the phone down and switch off. I am always flicking on and off social media sites or checking out something for a new blog post, but sometimes it’s just “BRAIN OVERLOAD” I need to switch off every now and again, and an hour hour before bed seems like a perfect time to do so.

8. Making time for reading – I always have and always will love reading a good book, I can honestly sit there a read for hours and  finish a good book in a day! This past year (and even more so since moving into our house) reading has taken a sad back seat in my life. If I’m not writing a new post I’m planning for a new post, and if I’m not doing that I’m usually busy doing something else! Where does the TIME go? Moving forward I am going to MAKE time to sit down in the evening (when the phone goes away) and read a chapter or 2 of a book, actually that kind of combines chill time too, win win situation.

So you’ve heard mine, now I would love to know your healthy habits, and maybe add a few more to my list. Drop me a comment below with some ideas.

Ending this post here for today I am now off for some retail therapy with my Mum, secretly hoping she may treat me to lunch!….

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, don’t forget to check out all my other posts at lifestylelisa.com

L xxx