Hi Guys!

Well I’m back after a weeks blogging break to settle into home life with Luke, if you haven’t read about it or have no idea what I’m talking about please check out my post ??

Massive thanks to everyone for staying with me whilst I went off the grid…….house moving is seriously stressful!

But today I return, and to be honest with you all this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with houses or moving ……….

Because today Luke and I are flying off to NEW YORK!

I mean really Could I be anymore excited right now, seeing as I am just hours away from boarding my Virgin Atlantic flight to NEW YORK CITY! I honestly can’t believe it, I’m still pinching myself to see if it’s really happening or not! I am quite literally beyond excited!

This is the most impromptu trip I have ever been on seeing as it was only booked a month ago! I am as you know a serial planner so booking last minute things (especially something big like New York) is definitely not something I would usually do!

The opportunity though was just too good! I couldn’t possibly say no!! Luke and I actually jumped in on my sisters trip with her boyfriend, but when someone invites you on a trip like that…. well what can you say!!

Both Luke and I have never been to New York, but my sister has been several times, which makes her the absolute best tour guide!!

She has an itinerary in place for us which will make sure that we make the most of our 4 nights and 3 day stay!

It’s been a busy week, I’ve just moved into my first house with Luke, and now we are off to New York City, I can’t wait to board the plane and chill for 8 or so hours. I have a feeling the next four days are going to be full on!!

Ps I can officially tick another thing off of my 2019 list AND my travel destination list!!

Right time to hit duty free and eat some food in the lounge!


L xxx

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