Hi there! On what I can only describe as very wet and windy Saturday afternoon! But whatever it’s Saturday and I LOVE SATURDAYS!

I’m going to take it take back today to 1st December when Luke and I took my sister to London to see…. BAT OUT OF HELL!!

Now I love a Westend musical, there is something I find quite exciting about getting the train into London and watching a good theatre show/musical. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have seen and loved many different shows including, Rock of ages, Phantom of the opera, Chicago, Starlight express, Grease, Wicked, Legally blonde, Hairspray, Lion King, Aladdin, and many more, the list is endless! All the shows have been exceptionally amazing, and some I have loved more than others. For a long time my sister and I LOVED Rock of ages, after seeing the film and then seeing it live on stage twice, this show for the last 4 years was the top contender for the best Westend show I had seen.

Last year however that changed when Luke took me to see Bat Out Of Hell the musical, within the first 5 minutes of the show starting I was completely immersed in the fictional world of obsidian. From the opening to the final act I was captivated, laughing and even crying at some points. With outstanding actors, insanely talented vocalists, and amazing dancers this show had everything I had ever wanted in a musical. I actually loved it so much that I have now seen it a total of FOUR times! But that’s nothing in comparison to someone I overheard sitting behind me the last time I was there who had been to see the show FOURTEEN times! (Hats off and salute)

At the beginning of December Luke and I took my sister to watch Bat Out Of Hell for the first time for her birthday, I hoped she would love it but wasn’t too sure she would love it as much as I did. I had mentioned the fact that in the second half of the show I get really emotional and she gave me the “your weird” look….. SO imagine my absolute delight when during the first half of the show I looked at my sister and saw her welling up! Yes we had tears!! Mission complete!! She loved the show, and said it was actually up there as one of her favourites…. it even topped Rock of ages!!

This show has something that others shows seem to lack, I can’t pin point it or tell you what it is, but it’s just a special something. Sadly Bat Out Of Hell ends it’s Westend run on January 5th 2019, I have hinted a lot to Luke about getting tickets but I think he’s ignored me….. If I am lucky enough to see the show again or if December 1st was the last time for me, one things for sure Bat Out Of Hell will always hold a special place in my heart.

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