Waking up this morning feels really strange, I can’t hear any tropical birds or bats up in the tress, the sun is not there like a fireball in the sky and sun is not shining.

I have left paradise behind and I am now back home in Essex, and it’s a little chillier (a lot chillier than I remember!) But it is now officially autumn MY FAVOURITE month of course!

My time in Seychelles have been filled with the fondest memories, even on the days when it rained most of the day, I can still look back at my pictures and find happy thoughts right there within them.

Of course this trip would have been better with constant sun but like with anywhere you really never can predict the weather.

The hotel and hotel staff have all been amazing, making me feel like royalty and being so attentive to our needs. I will cover the Constance Ephilia hotel in a separate blog altogether.

This little island of paradise in the Indian Ocean rich in history and culture, has made an imprint on my heart and I will always be fond of Seychelles and hope one day that I will return.

Now it’s time to get back to reality, I need to sort my washing (actually my Nan’s doing that, thank you nanny) I need to start prepping for my sisters birthday, find some fright nights for Halloween and of course CHRISTMAS PLANNING! And in between all of that I get to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and make even more memories to add to our ever growing collection.

If you have followed me on my Seychelles trip then thank you so much, I hope you found the blogs entertaining and helpful, and I really hope it’s put Seychelles on some of your travel lists.

If you haven’t yet read any of my Seychelles blogs then please do check them out here


Where will next adventure be……


L xxx