Good Morning!!!

Happy August everyone! The countdown is now officially on to my birthday!

AND this is my official first post of a new month!!

I’m feeling pretty good today, the sun is shining my holiday is fast approaching and I get to spend some quality time with my cousin and her family this weekend!! I can’t wait to see them and have a long overdue catch up.

This is also the start of my crazy busy weekends! Luke and I don’t have any free weekends left between now and the holiday!! I absolutely LOVE a busy diary!!

AND if I haven’t mentioned it yet, it’s my BIRTHDAY soon!!!! I’m pretty excited, if you couldn’t tell!

Here in the UK we have been blessed with some much needed rain and thunder storms, it was so nice to be cooler in work and get a better nights sleep tooI love a good thunder storm!! When I was little I was scared of thunder and lightening and would run into my mum and dads room as soon as I heard it!! But now days I love laying in bed listening to a good storm and likewise I love laying in bed listening to the rain.

As I have previously mentioned I am longing for some autumn weather!! Cosy nights in and duvet days are the little things I really look forward too.

Seeing as the long awaited month of August has finally arrived, I fancied a colour change when getting my nails done Tuesday evening. Summer months I am notorious for pink nails and lips, but I really fancied a change and went for red!! Red I usually wear in the autumn/winter months, but I really fancied a touch of big apple red!

I’m so glad we’ve finally hit hump day too (Wednesday) it’s down hill to the weekend from here!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week guys

Thanks for reading


L xxx