Just wanted to drop in and do a quick post, as I am disappearing off the grid, for the next week. It’s been a crazy few days, what with a weekend trip to Norfolk last weekend (19/05/2018), and my cousins impending wedding this weekend (26/05/2018)

I am right now in Telford (for my non UK readers, Telford is near Birmingham in the United Kingdom) after a 3 hour car journey I am now chilling out in my hotel room at the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort with Luke.

On Saturday I will watch my beautiful cousin walk down the aisle. Not only that but I am her maid of honour!! And cannot wait fulfil my duties.

I am really excited about the whole day, and seeing everyone, and of course I cannot wait to blog about it!! As much as I just loved Harry and Meghan’s wedding, this weekend it is all about Emma and Martins!!

So that’s me switching off for a week, as I am assuming I am going to be particularly busy.

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See you all next week

L xxx

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