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So was sitting here the other night reading some blogs and watching some vlogs and was inspired by the Boyfriend Tag! I love this idea! I don’t know why I haven’t done this before now!!

I realised that I actually mention Luke quite a lot in my many posts, quite simply because he is a massive part of my life.

I was single for 4 whole years before meeting Luke. I was on my usual night out with the girls, and wasn’t looking to meet anyone. In fact I was more than happy being young, free, single and independent, I certainly did not need a guy to come into my life and mess that up! And anyway after a very very bad previous relationship it was going to take someone extremely special to win me over!!

Cue Mr Kendal!They always say you find love when you least expect it and I can confirm that is true. I always say I was in the right place and the right time, and although I didn’t know it when we first met (back in August 2013) but this man would become the absolute love of my life- (mushy music at the ready!)

We have now been together for an impressive 4 years and 5 months, and have shared so many wonderful things and memories.

We are the same in many ways and yet so different in many other. I guess we compliment each other, Luke is very laid back and un-phased by things where as I am opinionated and an over thinker! Luke is MESSY….As the picture below quite clearly shows.Where as I am a lot tidier. But we can finish each sentence’s, we pretty much know what the other is thinking, we laugh a lot, we love the same things, we’ve never had an argument and well the most important thing of all, we are also in love, we are two peas in a pod.

I can’t wait for the day Luke and I have a place of our own and get married (he doesn’t know it, but the wedding is pretty much planned!….) he just needs to ask me!…. I have a Pinterest board you know Luke!!

So here’s the thing, I thought today it would be fun to see just how well Luke knows me! How much information has he taken in over these past 4 years!!…..

Time for some Q & A’s!!

The Boyfriend Tag!

1 Where did we meet? In the Bull- Correct, the local pub in town.

2 Where was our first date and what did we do?Cinema to see conjuring- Almost, we went to the cinema to watch insidious 2.

3 Who said “I love you” first? Luke- Correct

4 Where was I born? Brighton- Correct

5 What am I most scared of? Spiders- 100% spot on, I am terrified of the 8 legged bugs!

6 Do I have any hidden talents? Sing- Actually it’s singing and dancing which I did for many many years before meeting Luke.

7 What is my favourite meal? Gnocchi- Gnocchi is good, but my most favourite meal is a lobster Roll!

8 What would be my perfect date? Watching Bat Out Of Hell in London followed by lobster roll at Burger & LobsterSpot on, it doesn’t get better than that!

9 What is my favourite season? Autumn- I LOVE Autumn, it’s the prettiest season of them all

10 What is my shoe size? 3 –I am indeed a small 3!

11 Who is the dominant one in our relationship? Luke- I of course disagree with this and would have said we were equal!!

12 I’m making a sandwich. What’s in it? Tuna Mayo- Nope, my sandwich would consist of Cheese, tomato, red onion and salad cream!

13 What film always makes me cry? Armageddon- Literally EVERY TIME, I am a mess by the end of this film!

14 Which was my favorite date night with you? One of the fright night ones. Yes it was, we went to Cursed, and had our first kiss!

15 What is my dream or goal in life? To be a successful blogger- Yes it is! It’s a working progress, but it’s a dream nonetheless.

16 What is your favourite thing about me? Smile

17 Which kind of music do I enjoy listening too? Disney- I do listen to Disney, but I’m going with classic rock personally, although i love all genres of music.

18 Do I prefer coffee or tea? Tea- Always Tea over coffee, although I drink both.

19 What alcoholic drink do I always order? Bloody Mary- ALWAYS!

20 I am going to Starbucks. What will I order? Coffee frappe light sometimes with soya milk- Every time, It’s my favourite drink!!

Well Luke, it seems like you know me very well indeed! An impressive 15/20!!

He wasn’t all that happy with Q & A’s and the picture below says it all!!…

Come on get Boyfriend tagging, I used the ones I found on google, we had fun doing this, (okay I had fun doing this) and we didn’t even fall out!!

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