I love Christmas, and love nothing more than counting down the 24 days before the big day arrives! Luke and I have a tradition of buying each other advent calendars, normally the usual £5 ones you can pick up from Tesco or some other supermarket. This year however I am on the dreaded D word (diet) so an advent Calendar with chocolates in wasn’t going to be ideal for me! Luckily my ever thoughtful boyfriend Luke found a solution for that and presented me with this amazing body shop advent calendar! I’m a massive body shop fan anyways (check out my body shop blog here) so was absolutely over the moon with this.

So now the countdown is well and truly over I thought I’d do a mini post to let you guys know what I thought of it, and if it was any good….

So here we go….

Well as you can see most things were travel size, which is convenient for me as I spend a lot of time between mine and Luke’s house. So these are great for throwing in the suitcase for the weekend! As well as a product, you can see in the pictures there is also a little challenge for you to do everyday (I have to admit I didn’t do them all, maybe 1 or 2) but it’s still super sweet and if you have the time to do it.

Glitter Dust

Black Eyeliner

Hand Cream

Lip balm

Full sized body butter

YES! it’s a dice…..

Everything in this calendar is a product that I will use and would have or have at some point bought myself. Every morning I was pretty excited to see what was in the box, it was like getting a little present everyday! One thing I did forget to mention, the calendar also doubles up as a board game, so on each box is also a question along with an answer, which is where the dice comes in handy!! I didn’t play the board-game, and discarded (in the recycling bin) of the whole thing once I was finished with it. Unfortunately I can’t give my verdict on whether or not the game was any good, but I can mention my disappointment when on Christmas morning I opened up box number 25 and got the dice for the game!! I mean talk about an anticlimax!! I was secretly hoping for a body spray or maybe a full size product or something other than a DICE!!! for a game I won’t even play…. Body Shop  you let me down on that one!

As a whole the advent was by far one of the best I have ever had, and Luke Kendal, if you are reading this post, I would LOVE another one next year!! I can highly recommend it and it’s a very welcome change from the usual chocolate filled ones.