Another work out week has been and gone! My Tough Mudder is creeping closer and closer!! But I think I’m getting there slowly, in the running sense anyway! But I was thinking how prepared can I actually be, I mean it’s all very well me running and putting in the effort, but running is only one part of the Tough Mudder. The other part is the 22+ obstacles!! I mean nothing is going to prepare me for that!! Luke has done 10 of them and I have watched him do 8, and I’ve seen first hand how “tough” a Tough Mudder is!! Pictures below of Luke

Luke in action

So really I’m thinking I need to up my game….. somehow!!! I need to work in the upper body strength, because I know I’m going to need it!! I need to get to work in monkey bars and then mud mile!!! Or I need to admit defeat now….. 

Right so let’s get on with my week!! WEEK 13!!!!! I’ve actually had a GOOD WEEK!!!! I’m surprised too! But this week I have managed to work out everyday this week! That’s 2 walks, 2 runs and a work out class and even a quick gym session!! With the warmer weather starting to come in I realised that I don’t have anything to wear and I don’t want to be completely body conscious this summer (like I am every other summer).

So kicking off with Monday!! Me and my sister decided to take Daisy on a nice long walk!! We covered over a mile and I burnt 224 calories!! 

Not only did I kick off my workout week but I also got a few lovely pictures whilst on my walk!! I love the countryside and will never get bored of these beautiful views!

I was still feeling motivated on Tuesday!… so strike while the irons hot as they say, I wasted no time in getting in from work, getting changed and getting out!!! I’m sticking with the Nike app, I much prefer it over the couch to 5k! (FYI I’m still yet to run 5k… minor detail)……  anyways Wednesday’s run went pretty well I didn’t stop once!! I didn’t find it easy but I didn’t find it really tough either…. which is a bonus!. When I got home mum had made us the biggest most delicious seafood salad!!!! Which was great as I was starving!!!

My motivation levels seem to change with the wind! And even though I knew I should be running on Wednesday evening I found myself instead going for a walk! I know I’m still being active and walking is better than doing nothing but still it’s not as good as a run. Still perfect opportunity for me to take some more beautiful pictures as I walk!!!!

My mum and I also had a quick game of pooh sticks on pooh bridge (named after the one in the adventures of Winnie the Pooh) like we used to when I was little. She won though!!! I’m pretty sure she always won at this game!!!

Anyways I didn’t do too bad on the calorie count either so I was pretty happy!

So we hit Thursday!!!! YAY!!!! One more day to go until the WEEKEND!… AND I MADE IT TO CLASS!! It’s a Miracle! And what a great class it was too!!! Totally worked my butt off!!! Sweated loads and walked out of class looking like one sweaty unattractive mess!!! Oh and I still haven’t gotten round to changing the batteries in the glow sticks yet!!!! But it clearly didn’t affect my performance as I did a pretty good calorie burn!!! Seriously Day 4 of working out!!! And look at me go!

Finally we got to Friday!!!! YES THE WEEKEND IS FINALLY HERE!! And Luke was home in time for a RUN!!!! We had already decided the route we were going to a run. It was a route that I had first attempted to run back in 2014 and well let’s just say it didn’t end well!!…. in fact I ended up crying, sulking and having a diva breakdown, and walking home….. I have the picture to prove it… not my best angle, and hey thanks to my lovely boyfriend for snapping me in my hour of need!!!

Diva break down 2014!!

I’ve inserted a 2014 before picture too!….

Run selfie back in 2014

Okay so THREE years have passed since I have attempted this run, and here I was ready to kick its ass and not have a diva breakdown (thats the plan anyway). So we started off running together but Luke is much faster than me and very quickly over took and disappeared into the distance but being the best boyfriend ever he did have what he called “Lisa check points” so would wait at certain point along the route to make sure I was okay…. that’s true love ??  Now to be fair I did pretty well on the first leg of the route, my big problem came when I hit the mountain (the small incline that leads up to the main road). I admit I found it so tough I almost shed a little tear! My calfs hurt so bad, and I had the worst stitch, but I was determined not to stop and make it to the road where Luke was waiting for me at the “check point”. I gave Luke a quick high 5 and carried on straight past him, usually I would take this opportunity to have a sulk and sneak in a quick cuddle, but not this time!!! I knew if I stopped then my legs wouldn’t work again! So I carried on and kept on going. It was the worst run I have done to date and also the longest and also by far my biggest achievement!! I was over the moon and so proud of myself when I finally got home! I had pushed my self tonight and really felt like I had a made progress! Luke was also incredibly proud of me, and impressed that I didn’t have a diva breakdown!! When I got home I was ready to collapse! I was so worn out but it was worth and I did feel really good. A nice chill out and dinner with a movie were definitely in order!!. So I finally conquered the route that had once seemed impossible!

So today is Saturday, and while my recent blogs have all ended on a Friday today was a little different! I actually hit the gym with Luke this evening!!, I managed about 45 minutes with my very own personal trainer, who does not take any pity on me and is pretty tough!!! So with a SIX day work out week done, we had chilled out this evening with dinner and a movie,  and I will not feel guilty about a lovely long lay-in Sunday morning!!

Finishing this week on a high!!!! Happy with my achievements, hopefully I’ll be able to keep the momentum going as I hit week 14!!!!

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Thank you for reading, see you next week!!

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