It’s a strange but a really nice feeling to wake up and not have to worry (panic) about lightening lanes, virtual queues and parade spots. I’m so used to hitting everything so hard on a Disney holiday and it was instant relief to not have all that pressure when I woke. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m still here for it – of course!

Anyways I woke Monday morning at 4.30am and never managed to get back to sleep – like I tried and tried, even listened to some music and did a bit of reading, but nothing worked and I remained wide awake! I honestly couldn’t wait for Luke to wake up, but he seemed to be sound asleep! I was also starting to get really hungry, so the countdown until he woke up had truly begun.

Luke eventually woke at 7am (at last!) and he too was as equally hungry as I was so we decided to get up have a shower get dressed and head out into the beautiful city.

We left the hotel room around 8.30am and headed to breakfast at cafe Almaand just a quick side note breakfast in Sydney is a game changer! Açai bowls, overnight oats bowls, granola bowls, I mean basically everything I absolutely love! And what a great way to start the day before embarking on a day full of sight seeing and exploring.

It was a hot (like so ridiculously hot) day but I was not about to start moaning, seeing as I spend so much of my time feeling absolutely freezing. The heat was very much welcomed. Think it got quite high into the 30’s and there was no breeze whatsoever, so the humidity was on another level.

Seeing as our time in Sydney was short, we had decided that we had to make the most of it, and see as much as possible in the few days that we had.

And I have to say we literally had the best day visiting the Sydney harbour bridge and Sydney opera house, taking a trip to the Chinese garden of friendship and hitting all the great look out spots along the way. We ended up walking over 6 and a half miles and I got 5 blisters to show for it! But that was partly down to my stupid footwear (sandals!) I did keep the complaining to a minimum but my god they were so painful!

Even though I was really suffering and had to buy 2 new pairs of equally uncomfortable flip flops, I was determined to keep on going, and not waste any precious time.

By the time it got to 5pm Luke & I were both hot and the jet lag had properly set in, and I really needed a shower and some food. We got an Uber back to the cute hotel with every intention of freshening up and heading out for dinner. Except that jet lag I had previously mentioned had other plans and whilst I just laid on the bed for a minute both Luke and I woke up to find it was 8.30pm – oh well a lobster roll delivered by Uber eats would have to do instead of heading out for dinner. And then it was time to sleep, and I couldn’t wait to sleep.

First day in Sydney – amazing!

Watch the travel vlog here