Hello, and happy Monday – and to be fair it’s not that I truly believe that Mondays are happy but I’m really working on this upbeat attitude, which in return means I have to ignore the fact that after being up for just an hour and I am tired!

I have to say it was fabulous to hit the weekend after just 4 days of work, honestly by Wednesday (yes just 2 days into my working week) my eyelids felt heavier than a tonne of sand, and I may have quite possibly fallen asleep at at my desk at some point – who knows?

The dark nights and mornings are not helping, and even though I am an autumn/winter girl (have I mentioned that before?) Even I am kind of over the wet cold weather now, but as always if you want to throw a little sun and some Jack Frost my way, I am all over it.

To be honest the working wasn’t actually too bad, but the 5am get up’s did take its toll though, which was why I couldn’t wait for the beautiful weekend to arrive.

So one week into January already, I’m thinking this month is going to go super fast, like always. But so far one week in and I’m enjoying it. I’m feeling optimistic, and am so far sticking to my New Years promise’s which if you haven’t read my previous blog post I spoke all about (don’t worry click the link and you can catch up in no time) I mean okay yes we are only one week in so technically next week I might have a different view on things!

Starting off the month being as productive as possible I have jumped back on the healthy eating wagon (although to be honest I have lost count on the amount of times I’ve fallen off that wagon) I also attended a new course and learnt (well am learning) another new skill (another string to my bow)

I am also seriously trying to be more proactive at the weekends (well aware we are one weekend into the month) but I’m trying to start the year as I mean to go on… So Saturday afternoon I headed off to the shopping outlet for a skating session. It’s a temporary rink, that was for the November, December and start of January period. It’s sadly now gone, but I got to enjoy a few sessions just skating around minding my own business. Sunday I dedicated to my little ginger roo Hunter by hiring out a dog walking field for an hour so he could run around and burn off some energy, which meant that Sunday afternoon he was one snoozy cuddly dog – just perfect.

Throw in the usual clean the house, make sure all the Christmas decorations were down (which makes my house look huge, but is oh so sad to not have my pretty tree sparkling in my bay window) There was also a basket full of laundry to be done and then a few meal preps, a few skinny hot chocolates, some okay movies, and a lovely Sunday lay in. And that is how I rolled this weekend, and I loved every single second of it.

Now for a whole week of work – kind of difficult when I struggled with a 4 day week, but anyways, I’m sort of ready to take on the week and basically count down to that sweet sweet weekend, where I get to spend the day with Luke in London and I can’t wait.

Have a great week