I really couldn’t start this post off any other way than by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here we all find our selves in 2024 with 365 days to make our own, and let me tell you, I am all here for that.

Okay, let’s get the sad bit out of the way first, can we just take a moment to discuss how quickly Christmas arrived and went? It took me a while to find my festive spirit, and I think I finally found when Luke took me on a festive date day to London in mid December. But no sooner had I found said spirit Christmas arrived and then it left. For me the build up and Christmas Eve are always far better and if you will magical than Christmas itself. Which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy or even love Christmas Day because I absolutely do, and Christmas presents are just a great big bonus. It’s just that magical excited feeling happens for me in the build up.

The season however was pretty busy as I made my way through 30 Christmas movies and lost count of how many hallmark channel movies I watched, actually some of them were really good, others not so much. But Hallmark Christmas seems to be my new thing! I also spent an entire December listening to Christmas tunes – because who doesn’t right?

As well as watching a million movies and listening to Christmas tunes I also had an amazing Christmas date day in London, went to Holkham Christmas market in Norfolk and managed to fit in a few ice skating sessions.

But now here we are, Monday the 1st of January 2024 (which now means there is less than 365 days until Christmas, but who’s counting right?)

I have spent many firsts of many new years with a list of “resolutions” of things that I’m going to do, that I’m not going to do, things that I’m going to change, things that go I want to achieve and accomplish. This year however I’ve decided to not do that list, because truly I never ever stick to it anyways. Instead I am going into the new year with a promise to myself, a promise that I will –

Try my hardest at whatever I do

Try to not be so hard on myself

Try to embrace every new day and not take anything or anyone for granted

Try to find that buried self confidence that I always seem to lack

Try to always look on the bright side

Enjoy life




Be me, be myself, I’m not perfect but who is? And just throw myself into this brand new year

I really don’t want to hear anyone’s issues & I won’t be sharing mine. I only have room for genuine love & I’m forever choosing who chooses me.

Happy new year – let’s make it a good one