Happy, happy Wednesday – known affectionately as hump day to most people. But for me it’s known as the day I am the most tired, and struggle to keep my eyes open! Anyone else get THAT Wednesday feeling? I mean I am more than here for the 3 day weekend and 4 day week! Surely that actually needs to be an actual thing!

So I’m not saying the week so far has been a bad week (so far) but equally it’s not been an amazingly fantastic full of sunshine week either. It’s been, so so!

First off I started Monday morning with a really chilly dog walk, and my right wellie boot sprung a leak, just to clarify the left is fine. The right now leaks! So Monday morning resulted in a right wet foot, I now need a new pair of wellies, because if you are a fellow dog owner reading this, then wellies are like your bestest friend in the whole world. Rain or shine jeans or dress I have my wellies on for the dog walks – yes, I am a complete style icon (said nobody ever)

If that wasn’t enough to deal with on a Monday, I was driving home from work, and my car started to rapidly loose power and struggled to go above 40mph (I drive an automatic for anyone wondering) The dashboard then started going crazy, with lights flashing and my engine was making a noise that I hadn’t heard before, I knew there must be something wrong! Luckily for me (and I do know just how lucky I am) my husband before I met him was actually a trained mechanic and still knows the in’s and outs of a car. So super husband to the rescue I just kind of left the car keys with him and an hour later he had semi fixed the issue for now which will do until we can get it to a garage.

And that is the week so far…. I am of course hoping for a relatively chilled remainder of the week. And as usual I can’t wait for the weekend and am counting down until that sweet Saturday lay in arrives.

With a busy few weekends coming up I am going to utilise this one as more of a chilled one where I have zero plans. A let me tell you, I’m here for it.

Leaving it here, happy Wednesday, and enjoy the rest of the week.