Friday 2nd December 2022

And it’s a cold start here at Heathrow airport

BUT Today IS travel day! Okay it’s a long one as it’s going to take 24 hours to get to our destination.

That’s 2 planes and 19 hours of air travel with a 5 hour stop over in LA!

This morning started at 07.55 for me which is a weird time but not when you went to listen to sleeps till Santa on heart fm at 8am! UK readers if you know you know right!!

The morning was relatively straight forward although finding terminal 3 at Londons Heathrow airport was a mini mission for sure! But we did it, checked in our bags and made it through security. I of course got stopped and searched as I knew I would!

A little walk around the airport we then checked into the no 1 lounge at 10.50am. I love checking into a lounge, it’s so nice to just sit and CHILL!

I have to say the selection of food in the no1 lounge is rubbish! There’s hardly anything on offer! I did manage to have my porridge (because porridge is life) but I just went up to get some pastries and there are no pastries! SERIOUSLY NO PASTRIES?!

Okay I feel I was a little harsh with that comment, so whilst the breakfast selection was poor, once they bought out the lunch selection I was one happy girl! Salad’s pasta’s, cous cous, curry! It was a good mini buffet! Whilst sitting in the lounge we met two lovely lady’s from Scotland who were off to NYC and then Mexico. Luke and I shared some of our tips from when we visited New York, and we just chatted for a while about lots of different things. I hope they have the best time.

13.01 – I’m now Sitting at gate 40 ready and waiting to board my AA flight to LAX! It’s an 11 hour flight, I have snacks a book, music, my DS and my iPhone! I think I’ll be okay!

Well boarding was a breeze, the plane is pretty empty and I am nicely settled. The film selection is brilliant, far better than BA, Virgin & Delta. I’ve chosen a selection of films which include a few Christmas ones, and of course the entire collection of Jurassic Park! I’ve updated my DS so I now have a tidy animal crossing island and I have also just now eaten! As usual I ordered the Asian vegetarian meal, and it was delicious!

I’m now tired, and torn between having a nap and staying awake so that my body clock isn’t too messed up for the other part of the journey.

Okay I decided to stay awake! I’ve just been making my way through the films and drinking my huge bottle of water I purchased before flying. I’ve done my sheet mask to hydrate my skin- because hydration is key am I right?!

Watched films

4 Christmas’s

The invitation

Fire starter

The Santa Claus

I mean with an hour to go I’m happy to admit that I’m a little bored now! Countdown to landing!

Just gone 5pm LA time and we are down, and ready to disembark (I think that’s the right word) I have to say we have travelled over some amazing sites, snow cap mountains and vegas!! A little different from the the Florida route (which I love btw!)

Okay so as we have a connecting flight we have to go and get our luggage and recheck it in somewhere else, but then we don’t need to actually check ourselves in as we have boarding passes for air Tahiti Nui that were issued to us when we checked in at Heathrow! Confused?! Yep me too!

All I know for sure is that I’m tired and I need a sit down in the lounge!

All the waiting around makes you seriously tired! I just want to board and settle and relax!

The air Tahiti Nui plane is PACKED! And Luke & I have a randomer next to us! A randomer who is shall we say is less than hygienic if you know what I mean! Not ideal on an 8 hour flight!

TIME JUMP – it’s now 04.21am LA time but I am just 3 hours 12 minutes away from PPT, so the time difference will at some point change again!

All I can say is, that this is a difficult blog post to write as I don’t know what time it is, I don’t know whether or not I should be hungry, I don’t even know what day of the week it is! I’m sure it will all make sense when we land! What I can tell you is as of 04.24 LA time Luke & I have been awake for over 27 hours!! Give or take because I did sleep for around 3 and a bit hours just after we took off from LA! AND I missed dinner (or whatever snack they handed out!) gutted but at the same time my body doesn’t even know if it is hungry!

This is definitely the furthest I have travelled so my body clock is well and truly all over the place!

The closer we get the more excited I am getting!! But when we land the journey is far from over, we then have to catch a ferry to the hotel then sit & wait as we will be WAY too early to check in!

And the fact that I can imagine Moorea to be full of glamorous beautiful woman and I look like a girl who who slept for only 3 hours out of 27 – oh no wait, I am the girl who’s only slept for 3 hours out of 27 (yawn) And honestly you can tell! I’m pale, podgy (from I don’t know, cabin pressure?) and my hair is a mess. But I’m that tired, I just don’t care!

So we have arrived FINALLY! The journey started over 33 hours from Heathrow, with an 11 hour flight to LA, an 8 hour flight to Tahiti and a 40 minute ferry ride to Mo’orea (not forgetting the 2 taxi rides)

But we have made it, YAY! And it’s beautiful! It’s almost like an scene from Moana, and so far everyone is pretty friendly. I think I’m going to like it here!

On a side note I am missing Hunter like crazy, but thanks to the best parents he is being spoiled and well looked after and thanks dad for also housesitting!!

So it’s currently 10.50am in Mo’orea where I am, it’s 9.50pm back in the UK and in LA it’s 12.50pm I mean you can see why I’m confused as to what day of the week it is! Anyways Luke and I have made it finally to our hotel the thing is we got in a little bit early like 5 and half hours early!

The check in desk told us that we can change out of our travel clothes into smoke swim wear and make use of the amenities……

Now forgive me if this is TMI but I am not a girl who can whip out a bikini and a pair of shorts and start strutting my stuff round the pool! I have the dark gene you see and with the dark (haired gene) comes other issues! So given the fact that I have been travelling for over 39 hours, and hadn’t showered…. There was a bit of maintenance that needed to be done before I could even think about a bikini!

Okay so I DID put on my bikini and a summer dress with little capped sleeves. Practical given the situation!

14.28 local time…… we have our room!!!!! I am happy about this! All I want to do is shower, nap, eat and finally sleep! We have a dinner reservation for 6.30pm which I don’t want to miss because, honestly I’m starving! So after some consideration we decided to set the alarm for 4.30pm and just have a nap!

And guess what? WE OVER SLEPT! I woke up at 6.15pm looking like I had been dragged through a few hedges backwards! I don’t think we even heard our the alarm go off if I’m honest!!

A quick call to reception and out reservation was changed to 7.15pm, more than enough time to shower, wash hair and put on some lipstick! Luke and I already tanned from the time spent outside so seriously no makeup is actually needed (I’m already wondering why I even bought it with me!)

And we arrive just before 7.15pm for dinner! A Polynesian buffet and show!

We had Polynesian dancers and fire dance display out on the beach! The Buffet was delicious although Luke & I didn’t really eat much, jet lag is now well and truly settling in, and at just gone 8.15pm we know we are both ready to call it a day.

The bed is calling and my eyes cannot stay open anymore.