Happy Tuesday (is it nearly Friday?) No? Just wishful thinking on my part then?

Well seeing as this super long month is very nearly over, it’s time for a brief round up post! January – is literally the longest month in history, it’s been January forever now!! And it’s so dark too! Like I get up and leave for work in the dark, and I leave work and come home in the dark! A bit of sunlight just wouldn’t go a miss!! Plus my Bora Bora tan is now fading so fast, and I just feel so sad about it (crying face!) And speaking of Bora Bora, that seems like a lifetime ago! Travel posts coming soon (I promise) It’s on my list!

Anyway, here we are, just a day away from heading into the month of February, and to be honest, despite my earlier moan at the start of the post, so far the year has not started off too bad!

I wrote in my last post of 2022 (which you can read here) about avoiding all types of negativity and stepping away from those situations, and for 31 days (so far) I’ve done just that (I had like this tiny minor relapse where I did let something get to me) but other than that, I’ve been pretty good. And it kind of feels good too, like really good! It’s like a whole new me, to not let the stupid actions of others affect me. And sure, okay we are only 31 days into the year, but I’m quite enjoying this new journey (hopefully I’ll still be saying this next month!)

Keeping all this new positivity for 2023, I’ve also started the year off by being super productive! I’ve definitely got the can do attitude, and am using it to actually do things instead of not doing them and putting them off. I love lists, I love writing lists, and this year I fully intend to stick to all the lists! And to be productive, proactive, and get things done! I’ve totally got this!

The January diet is kind of on track, my skating lessons are going pretty well (although I do need to put more time into that) and every Sunday I dedicate to doing something fun with Hunter. It’s like his special day. So all in all the year has started off on the right tracks, now I just need to keep it there and not let it fall off. Easier said than done, but I’m definitely going to try.

The year is looking to be pretty busy with one thing or another and the diary is now getting pretty full! Which if you know me, is exactly how I like it. With lots to look forward too, I’m only too happy to say hello to February.