To say I have been a little absent from lifestylelisa is a complete understatement! I haven’t written a blog post since the beginning of December, which is not like me at all. But what with going on our honeymoon, coming home a week before Christmas & suffering with the worst jet lag which I’ve only just really gotten over, life has been so hectic that there was no time for blog posts!

I have lots of posts waiting patiently to be written up, including all of my Bora Bora travel posts. I’m definitely looking forward to being more structured as we move into a brand new year.

Speaking of the new year, if you know me, you will know that I don’t do resolutions. I learnt a long time ago that I do not stick to them, so making them is pretty pointless. I will set myself a goal of trying something new at some point in 2023. This year I decided that I would do ice skating lessons! It was my something new for 2022, and I decided to do it by myself, and just kind of see what happened. Well here we are going into a new year and I am still doing my lessons and will be going into grade 4 in January, which is a pretty big accomplishment I think! And whilst okay I’m definitely not winter Olympic material (yet) I’m not doing too bad! It helps that my class are lovely and I’ve made some new friends too, which is always a winner! So sometimes going out of your comfort zone and trying something new takes you in a whole new direction, and you actually realise you enjoy something! So I still want to keep skating in the new year but I’m wondering if I can find something else I’ve never done before to just try! Skiing maybe? We’ll see!

My plans for 2023 are HUGE! Bigger than they’ve been before! And for me the stakes are high, so I need to have a clear head. Which means leaving all the negativity in 2022 and stop wasting my time and energy on others. I know that we can’t all get along, we’re not all the same, and that’s actually okay. Everyone is entitled to act & be the way they want. Our personalities are all different and just because they are it doesn’t make anyone a particularly bad person, just different. So moving into the new year, I won’t be letting anyone else’s actions effect or annoy me, as I like to say “you do you hun” And on a side note, I will be working on myself too, as in all honesty I know I’m not the easiest person to get on with at times, and I definitely need to curb the opinions and maybe think before I speak!!

January 2023 is a good month, as it marks one whole year of being Mrs Kendal! I can’t believe it will be a year! It’s just crazy!! But seriously what a wonderful year it’s been! 2022 started off my big dream fairytale wedding, and ended with my number 1 bucket list destination honeymoon, I mean how lucky am I?

So whilst this New Year’s Eve will be a quiet one at home with Luke & Hunter. I will stepping into 2023 hangover free (although a few glasses of Prosecco will be had!) and ready to go. I’m excited & nervous but I’m ready for it. And I cannot wait for all the adventures yet to be had with Luke & Hunter.

So from me to all of you, thank you for continuing to visit my page and read my blog. And here is to a healthy & happy new year