Having recently made some delicious cookie dough using the main ingredient of chickpeas I found myself once again browsing through Pinterest to see what else I could rustle up in the kitchen.

As you know whatever I do needs to be relatively straight forward and healthy(ish) And Pinterest has loads (literally loads) of amazing and unique recipe ideas that are simple enough for me to do.

I actually found another Cookie Dough recipe which doesn’t use chickpeas, but instead uses oats as the base ingredients which is great because I love anything oat based! Having mentioned previously that I was keen to try different versions of the chickpea cookie dough I decided that I would give this recipe a go and see how it turned out.

I pretty much followed the recipe although changed it ever so slightly to accommodate the ingredients that I had – well when in lockdown use what you have!

To make the cookie dough you will need

128g of oats, 128g of cashew nuts (I actually used 64g of cashews and 64g of cashew nut butter) 7 dates, 1tbsp of almond milk (I used 2tbsp) 1 tsp of vanilla essence,

Into my food blender it went (I don’t have a mixer) – and I mixed it until it was like dough! I then once again evened it out into 2 ramekin dishes and for fun garnished it with mini jazzes and sprinkles and served with pumpkin spice belvitas!

It tasted delicious! I can’t decided which recipe I prefer, although Luke’s preference would be the one without chickpeas but he has said he likes both!

I have to say I am LOVING these cookie dough recipe’s! I can’t wait to find more! Thank goodness for Pinterest in times like this!! Let me know if you’ve tried out this recipe or if you have any other easy ideas I can try out.