Happy, happy hump day!

It has been FREEZING here in Essex! It felt more like a crispy October day than it did a spring May day! I mean what happened to that beautiful weather we saw a glimpse of last week! I am definitely ready for that to return!

So what to say about Wednesday, well the day now typically starts with breakfast followed by a walk, and to make sure we get out of the house at a reasonable time we pretty much eat and go, so I don’t even bother with makeup (shocked face alert!) I mean leaving the house without makeup is the BIGGEST no no ever (in my world) but having a shower and getting all ready takes too much time, instead it’s get up, eat, chuck on some walking clothes and HIDE behind my BIG sunglasses so that if we bump into anyone I won’t shock them too much with my bare face!

Wednesday I said I was going to dedicate to cleaning which I did, so our lovely home is now all clean and sparkly! Luke did most of downstairs and I took upstairs. It’s so satisfying having a good clean, I listened to the Book of Mormon soundtrack so was singing along to that at the same time!

The day went really quickly, from Wednesday to Sunday I busy myself with doing marketing bits for my uncles pub and I busy myself also with taking online orders, so that takes up a big part of my day, and also makes it go so much quicker!

Luke and I are planning to meet his mum for a walk possibly tomorrow or Friday and then a member of my family – my mum, dad or sister on Saturday, as we are now allowed to see ONE member from another household out in a public space – I think! I mean it’s still confusing but that’s what I believe is right! At the very least it’s something to look forward too, after being separated from everyone for so long.

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