Back in 2019 I wrote a list of things I would like to achieve by the end of that year. Well unfortunately reading that post just makes me super sad as I really didn’t seem to accomplish that much, and have so far accomplished even less in 2020!! If you haven’t read the post then here’s the link ??

Okay so firstly the positives – The things I did manage to achieve in 2019 – I did move in with Luke ?? visited New York which was on my travel destination list?? and I also went on holiday to Florida?? I watched the avatar film (boring) but another tick off of the list ?? And that’s where it ends, which means out of my list of 15 I only managed to tick off four things – now that is shameful! And I have no excuses for it either!!

Now the negatives – The things I didn’t accomplish in 2019 – Climb Ben Nevis? Learn how to scuba dive? Go vegan for a month? Start walking? visit a new UK city? Read more books? See more Westend shows? Finally use our gift experiences? Visit London Zoo? and finally – Bake a cake?

I think it’s time to go and write up a brand new 2020 list – And for once try and stick to it.

**I actually wrote this blog before Covid-19 and lockdown and everything else we have all had to deal with, so held back on posting it. But I think now it’s time to start looking forward to the future whatever it may look like and it’s time to make a new list! So keep an eye for my next post coming soon**

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