I don’t know about you but I LOVE snacking, I am a serial snacker and could graze all day. There’s something just so satisfying about snacking, especially when it’s cold and and miserable outside – pretty much like it is today!!

Being a snack lover I do really have to think about what I’m putting in my mouth, and yes although bags of crisps and chocolate and possibly even cheese would be a top contender for, my waistline would seriously hate me, and we all know how much I struggle with my weight!

I do have to think quite carefully about the things I eat, and whilst of course treats every now and then are perfectly acceptable, I need to make sure I also have some healthy(ish) snacks too.

I’ve spent a while trying to perfect the most delicious and semi guilt free snacks that I can keep in the house for both myself and luke to enjoy every so often.

Whilst they are not super super healthy (I am only human after all) they are also not what I would personally consider super super unhealthy either!!

So here’s a little roundup of the snacks that ease the cravings of wanting to indulge in a box of Lindt chocolates (and seriously who doesn’t LOVE a Lindt chocolate?)

1. Trail Mix – Oh yes, number 1 on my list just has to be my favourite American snack! I discovered this on one of my holidays to Florida, and fell in love with the different tastes, the sweet, the savoury and salty mix was a perfect combination and sure hit with me. Back in the UK trail mix (if you can even find it) is more seedy and kind of like bird food (it could even be bird food) so I have taken it upon myself to make my own!! It’s SO easy and Luke and I love having it in the cupboard on hand for when we need a little snack. Okay so it’s not super healthy but it’s not super unhealthy either!! And really it depends how you eat it, a snack is a snack so we have maybe a handful of it every other evening, or at the weekend, or I pack it if we’re going walking to keep up our energy levels.

In my home made trail mix I have, dried fruit – Banana chips, papaya, coconut and mango. Salted nuts – Cashew, hazelnuts, pecans, and Brazil nuts. Some pretzel pieces, some candy corn, m&m’s and I finish it with some graham pieces!! It’s a great combo and has a little bit of everything in there which as I said satisfy’s the cravings!!

2. Spicy oven roasted chick peas – I come across this tasty little snack last year on Pinterest and it has since become a favourite of mine. It’s quick and easy to do, although I did mess it up the first time round!

You will need for this one can of chick peas in water and some seasoning (paprika, cumin, turmeric) Firstly drain the chick peas, and leave them to dry out, and when I say leave them I mean for like 15 hours PLUS! They need to be pretty dry or they will just be soggy, and remember when I said I messed up the first lot….. YEP they were soggy!! Okay so I leave mine on a tray overnight for a good 15/20 hours, Patting them with paper towels is also a good idea. Once they have been left to dry out on my tray, I then transfer them to a large bowl and mix in my spices. This time round I used smoked paprika and turmeric, making sure the chick peas were nicely covered I transferred them back onto the backing tray and popped them in the oven on 180 degrees for around 35/45 minutes (or until nice and crispy). Into a bowl they go and are ready for snacking. They make a healthier alternative to nuts, but I have also discovered that these compliment a salad perfectly too!!

3. Frozen Banana treats – Another great find from Pinterest! I discovered these last year whilst looking for some snack ideas. Not only are these super tasty but they are also cheap to do and easy to make!! All you need is a bunch of banana’s, slice them up and put in a tub to freeze for about an hour. Take our the frozen bananas and add a small amount of whatever you like, peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, even chocolate spread!! Sandwich 2 slices of frozen banana together with the filling inside and refreeze. I keep these in the freezer and when I have those cravings I get one or 2 out and find that they really satisfy me.

What’s your favourite “healthy(ish) snacks? Drop me a little comment below.

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