And a very happy September to everyone. Of course as you may well know September is the beginning of my most favourite season of all, Autumn. Beautiful beautiful autumn.?

Although as beautiful as it is, Autumn does come with a few draw backs, such as darker nights and more importantly darker mornings! Or wet ones like yesterday ??

It’s actually safe to say that I am not a morning person at the best of times. In fact until I’ve had least one mug (not cup) of tea I am physically Incapable of putting together any kind of sentence. So the nights drawing in and the mornings getting darker instead of brighter, the autumn/winter mornings make it especially hard to get going in the AM.

With a new season starting I have been thinking about new habits that I can use to start my day the right way. Waking up feeling positive will usually mean a productive day will follow. So waking up feeling like I could sleep for a few more hours is never going to be ideal.

Because of this I have developed myself a little “morning routine checklist” because if I’m a mess in the morning I tend to spend the rest of the day trying to play catch up, but if I’m more more organised, focused and productive the rest of my day I find runs more smoothly.

I mean just how long this routine will last is anyone’s guess! But I’m happy to roll with it for now! So of course I thought I’d share it with you all!!

Here are my 5 great ways to start my day!

1. Don’t hit the snooze button – Seriously DON’T, just don’t! My boyfriend is a real snoozer whilst I on the other hand find it actually rude if my alarm even WAKES me up! So hitting snooze just isn’t an option for me. In fact all snoozing actually does is merely delay the inevitable- of the fact that you DO actually have to at some point get up. So just get it out the way.

2. Don’t reach for my phone – Reaching for my phone and scrolling through social media for 10 or so minutes is so unproductive and to be honest I may as well just hit the snooze button a couple of times! Because at least I’d get some extra sleep in!! Instead the social media scrolling now needs to come later when I’m eating breakfast.

3. Making my lunch the night before – I have actually been doing this since Luke and I moved into our house back in February of this year. I find it easier and far less time consuming, and I always have the most delicious lunches that I have taken the time to prep the night before. Ideal because I want to maintain the healthy eating I have been trying to do.

4. Drink a glass of water – Waking up feeling low on energy or lethargic could mean that you are dehydrated. So drinking a glass of water when you wake up will immediately help to rehydrate your body. The six to eight hours of recommended nightly sleep is a long period to go without any water, so start the day the right with a cold drink – Note to self, this needs to come before tea!

5. Have a good breakfast – The most important and my personal favourite meal of the day! I just love breakfast! It’s normally always porridge with fruit and coconut or almond milk. What’s not to love about porridge, it’s delicious and it’s filling, and whether it’s plain, or flavoured it’s definitely good enough to go in my bowl!

And just like that I have myself 5 simple yet (hopefully) effective things that will make my morning routine a whole lot better.

Whats yours? Do you do anything in the mornings to make your routine super productive? Leave me a comment below??

Enjoy your day, wherever you are and whatever your doing.

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