Hello, and can I just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

Yes, today is my birthday!

Okay this post is going out a day late, so let’s call today LISA DAY! So actually happy Lisa to me!!

I had a lovely little birthday yesterday with a few lovely gifts. Tonight I’m celebrating with my family, we have decided to do a double celebration for me and my dad (who had his birthday on Monday)


Today, as it’s Lisa day (and yesterday was my birthday)- not sure if I have mentioned that already?…… But anyways I thought I would do a fun honest hour post. I like these kind of posts because they are so much fun to write. Plus it gives away more about me as a person!

If you haven’t read my previous honest hour posts, then don’t worry you can check them out here ?? https://lifestylelisa.com/2018/07/19/the-honest-hour/


So here it is, my honest hour part 3!!

1. What would I do if I knew I could not fail – Definitely full time blogging. It’s so hard to work full time and still make time to write up content that makes an interesting read. If I knew that lifestylelisa wouldn’t fail me and make me money, I would love to see where the journey took me.

2. Who thinks I’m beautiful when I wake up in the morning – Luke does, or at least that what he tells me. Although I look like Anna from frozen in the morning’s, so I think he must be very biased.

3. How am I, really? – Honestly? Tired! Yep so tired! Full time job, full time blog, home owner! It’s pretty exhausting at times. Plus of course I’m also planning a Disney trip for NINE people! It’s a busy time right now!

4. What is my fall down – I have NO filter! Like ZERO filter, I think it and say it! I can’t help it! I am VERY honest, but maybe I need to be a little more tack full!!

5. What impression do I think I give when I first meet someone – I think I may come across a little “offish” when you first meet me, although I’m actually not! It’s just my face and how I look. I do like to suss people out though before I get to know them.

6. What is something that offends me – Self obsession in a person is just SO offensive. I just can’t be in the company of anyone like that.

7. Where is my top destination to travel to – India! It looks amazing. Full of culture and wonderful scenery, and amazing food, and hospitality. I think if I never got to visit, I would always regret it.

7. What is in my fridge right now – Well no real need to write it, I’ll just post the picture!??

9. What part of a humans face is my favourite – Always the eyes, they are the most readable part, you can tell so much about a person by their eyes. As they say, the eyes never lie.

10. What is my favourite snack – Trail mix! Whether it’s shop bought or homemade, I can’t get enough of trail mix! Nuts, dried fruit (especially dried papaya) and if I’m feeling naughty a good handful of M&M’s and some pretzel pieces!! Pit in all in a big storage tub and I can graze at my leisure!! TRUST me it’s sooooo delicious, and you can make it as healthy OR unhealthy as you like!


Thanks for joining me today on Lisa day ?

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your working week.

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