Hope everyone’s week is going well and super fast!! I do love Thursday’s, it means the end is in sight and I can see the weekend!! Can’t quite touch it yet though!! One more day to go!

So for today’s post I thought I would try something a little bit different, I got this idea from some blogging tips I was reading on pinterest and really wanted to try it out myself. It’s called the honest hour, which means quite simply I have to give honest answers for the 15 questions below!

It’s a super fun idea, and I thought it was also a way for my readers to get to know me even better!!!

Here we go!

  1. Who was the last person you held hands with- The last person I held hands with was Luke. We always hold hands if we’re walking around doing shopping, or sometimes we hold hands while falling asleep, although we never wake up like that!
  2. Am I loud, outgoing or shy-  I would say it all depends on the situation I am in. I adjust accordingly to different situations. I can be shy when you first meet me, but after that I think I’m pretty outgoing. I wouldn’t say I’m loud or overpowering, I fit in just nicely.
  3. Who am I looking forward to seeing- LUKE of course, I miss him so much! But I also look forward to seeing my mum, especially if we have gossip to catch up on!
  4. Am I easy to get along with- I’m going to say NO (honest hour right?) I think I can be a little awkward and offish at times, but once I know you I’m very easy to get on with!
  5. What does my most recent text say- It’s from Luke (of course) and we call each other pea, because we are literally like 2 peas in a pod!
  6. Do I like big crowds of people- Absolutely not, I don’t like crowds for several reasons, 1) I’m only 5ft so people just kind of walk on me, or walk into me, push me out the way, or really just don’t care about me. And 2) If I’m in London or on the underground I get really nervous.
  7. Do I believe there is life on other planets- I do!! Space goes on forever, and surely its naive to think that humans are the only race out there? And with the rate that humans are destroying the planets I only hope there is a race waiting to pick up the pieces!
  8. What are my bad habits- OVER THINKING is a massive bad habit of mine, I can’t help it though! I also talk too fast, Luke is always picking me up on it, and mishearing what I said. I am also a nightmare at bed time when Luke and I are just about to go to sleep, I start chatting about everything and I never lay still!!
  9. What body part am I most uncomfortable with- My Thighs, I have (I think) huge thighs! I always have done even though I’ve lost weight to me they still look chunky! So I guess the curse of the tree trunk thighs will just stay with me!!
  10. What do I do when I first wake up- First things first, it’s always a wee, before putting the kettle on for a cup of tea!
  11. Do I ever want to get married YES, yes I do (Luke Kendal if your reading this) before I met Luke always saw myself marrying prince Harry, but once Luke was on the scene I never looked back.
  12. What do I say during awkward silences- So……this is awkward or Awks!! I actually said that to Luke on one of our early date’s!!
  13. What’s the meanest thing someone has ever said to me- I got called fat by a girl (I won’t mention her name) back in November 2007, I never forget! It was super mean and really upset me! I don’t think you should EVER call someone fat!!
  14. Would I prefer a trip to Out Of space or the bottom of the ocean- I would definitely have to say bottom of the ocean! The ocean is so vast and no one knows what’s lurking at the very bottom! How interesting would that be!!
  15. Would I rather live without TV or Music- 100% TV!! I love music and most definitely could not be without it! Music has played a massive part in my life ever since I was little. I love listening to it in the shower, in my car or when I’m just chilling!!!

I LOVED the honest hour blog!! It was fun finding questions to answer!

If you have any question’s you would like me to answer comment below or @ me at [email protected]

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