Hi, and happy Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine, like I have been doing this afternoon.

So today I have a post that is a little more personal, because… well why not?! I love reading blogs and finding everything out about others, so why not share some more personal facts about myself with all of you.

So here are some things you “probably” didn’t know about me.


  1. I was born in Brighton (in the UK)- I consider Essex to be my home as I have lived here now for so many years, but I was in fact born in Brighton and spent the first 4 years of my life living in Lewes Sussex. I have been back and visited only once in 2015. I took Luke to visit my old house.
  2. I can sing and dance- I have always been into performing arts from a very young age. In fact in my younger years I did a lot of different things, horse riding, gymnastics and trampolining lessons as well as dancing. I took my dancing exams, had some singing lessons won various competitions, and later on in life did ice skating lessons. I was a member of Chelmsford Young Generation, and performed in various stage shows and musicals from a young age. I definitely have my mum to thank for making sure I never missed out on anything.
  3. I am a former entertainer- When I was 18 I decided to pack up and go and live life on various holiday parks for 3 years as a holiday entertainer working for Haven Holidays and Park Resorts. I made it into the show team as lead female vocalist and was able to perform on stage every night, something I had always enjoyed doing. I made amazing friends and have the fondest memories of my time as an entertainer.
  4. I am a Leo- Born in the summer month of August on a Sunday My star sign is a Leo which means I’m feisty! I am opinionated and Luke would probably agree with me when I say that at times I have NO filter.
  5. I dislike FAKE people- This really is one of my biggest hates!! I really have no time for fakeness, it’s an awful trait to have in your personality. I dislike people who gush to your face but will stab you in the back as soon as it’s turned. I can spot someone being fake a mile off and I really don’t have the time for it. I especially hate seeing fake people around those who I love, and I always think to myself “why can’t see you see through their fakeness!” It’s super frustrating!!
  6. I am a family girl. I love my family, and I am close with them, I love being at home, and yes I do still at times get a little home sick when my mum and dad are at home in Essex and I’m in Florida, I get over it very quickly of course. But family IS important to me.
  7. Luke is my one and only- Oh god it’s going to get mushy…. But it’s true Luke is the ONLY guy for me, he makes me laugh, smile, and makes me insanely happy. Plus I happen to think he’s very good looking. He is kind and caring and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found him.
  8. I drink tea and coffee but if I had to choose I would pick tea every single time- Come on who doesn’t agree with me here!!tea just make everything better!! Except green tea, I have tried, lord knows I have tried to like green tea, but it’s just not happening. I have to have a cup of tea in the morning, and then i drink it throughout my day! I am very partial to a chai tea and I love black rose tea too.
  9. I choose savoury over sweet every single time- I have a weakness for all things savoury, crisps , nuts, crackers and cheese, cheesy biscuits, biscuits! You name it I’ll eat it !! I could quite happily skip deserts and sweets for a whole table just full of savoury snacks.
  10. I LOVE parma violets- I get this from my mamma because she also loves them. But oh my god, Parma violets is like the BEST SWEET EVER!! I especially love the giant Parma violets, although they are not sold in many sweet shops so when I see them I have to stock up! I also LOVE anything Parma violet scented, Luke bought me this super cute candle for Christmas, it’s one of my favourites.

Now you tell me something I don’t know about you, I love getting to know my readers so if you would like to leave a comment below, it would probably make my day!! Or you can just give it a like and maybe a share…. ?

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