It’s FRIDAY! Must be time for a new post!!

Whether it’s an extra scoop of ice-cream, eating peanut butter straight from the jar or binge watching a Netflix series with a mug of hot chocolate complete with marshmallow sprinkles (all of which I love) we all have guilty pleasures.  Something that we enjoy, but feel a little guilty, or embarrassed about sharing. 

Well just for you, I’m going to share 11 of my guilty pleasures!

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1) Watching Jaws (all four of the films!)

The question is who doesn’t love this classic!! If it’s on tv I HAVE to watch it and if it’s not I have the complete box set to binge on! Yes it may be cheesy and very dated – wasn’t it made in like the 70’s!!?? BUT it’s still one of my favourites , and I never get bored of them, I even love Jaws 3!!

2) Tom Cruise classics!

Sticking with the film theme here, number 2 on my list is my love of Tom Cruise classics! Not the Mission Impossibles and the Jack Reachers, I’m talking old school, Top Gun, Days of thunder, A few good men, Cocktail, Interview with the vampier…. ETC ETC! You get where I’m going with this right! The new Tom Cruise movies don’t cut it, it has to be those 80’s/90’s classics. I never ever get bored of watching any of them, and YES I do have a t-shirt with the Top Gun slogan and the name Maverick on it…. doesn’t everyone?!

3) Designer handbags

This is more of a luxury indulgent guilty pleasure, but one that I absolutely love! Designer shoes and clothes I can quite happily live without but a handbag I just can’t! I have always loved handbags and got my first Louis Vuitton back in 2010 from then on its been all about the designer brand and I now have a pretty impressive collection.

4) Playing my favourite tunes over and over again

There are moments in life when that ONE good song just seems to sum up absolutely EVERYTHING! And you literally have to play it over and over! Whether it’s the sound of the summer, or Meatloafs “I would do anything for love” some tunes you just can’t get bored of.

5) Laying in

Getting out of bed before 10am on a Sunday is well just CRIMINAL! I absolutely LOVE a lay in, nothing beats it. And if I look at my Fitbit and it tells me I’ve smashed my 8 hours of sleep, well that’s a WINNER for me!

6) Eating left over Chinese for breakfast- COLD

Yep that’s right, cold left over Chinese straight out of the carton’s, nothing tastes quite like it! I wake up in the morning craving the leftovers if I know it’s sitting in the fridge waiting for me! I have to point out that I am a vegetarian so it’s not like I’m chowing down on chunks of chicken on a Saturday morning!

7) Taking countless selfies until I get the perfect picture

SOMETIMES I have people comment on my Sunday selfies and ask me how I manage to get them so perfect. Well what I don’t tend to show anyone is the 35 other selfies I have taken which didn’t make the cut! It’s all about angle and lighting! But I DO love a selfie and really what’s wrong with taking the perfect one?

8) Watching reality Tv

I LOVE reality tv and I have to admit that still after 9 years my guilty indulgence is binge watching The only way is Essex or TOWIE as it’s better known! I have shamefully loved it since the pilot aired and I honestly don’t think I’ve missed a single episode in all these years. In fact I even have the box set!!

9) Eating Pick n Mix

Nothing quite beats the taste of that cheap chalky chocolate and candy mixed with some liquorice laces and some jelly sweets (gelatine free of course) I absolutely love filling up a paper bag with different sweets including those cheap imitation smarties and eating handfuls at a time! Nothing tastes quite like it, and there is nothing better than sitting in the cinema munching away!

10) Stealing the complimentary bits from hotels

I refuse to believe that this is just me…. but honestly it’s pretty much the first thing I do when I walk into a hotel room! First goes the teas and coffee sachets along with the biscuits (PLEASE……of course I leave the milk and sugars!) I then move onto the bathroom complimentary’s and put them all into my suitcase! And it really annoys me when Luke uses the shower gel, or eats a biscuit! Doesn’t he know they are for my collection!! I don’t why I do this in every hotel I stay in, I just do!!

11) Cake, cake, cake and muffins!

As far as sweet treats go, cake and muffins are pretty high on my list! Whether it’s birthday cake, wedding cake, or tea and cake on a Sunday afternoon, I always have room for it! And as for muffins! Blueberry or lemon all the way, and my favourite muffins actually come from the supermarket Lidl , YOU really need to try them!!

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Okay you’ve read mine, now I would love to hear some of your guilty pleasures!! Leave me a comment below or send me an @ to [email protected]

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Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

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