And just like that it was April, I don’t know where the last 3 months have gone, they seem to have flown by at lightening speed!

The lighter nights are finally here and every now and then it feels like spring, before it goes back to feeling really quite cold and more like winter!!

It’s been a busy year so far, I’ve moved into my first house with Luke, took an impromptu trip to New York, and have fitted in a whole bunch of other things, including family get togethers and trips to London!! I am flying through my 2019 list!! ?? https://lifestylelisa.com/2019/01/16/my-2019-list/

March was a month I was pleased to see the back off because of course I got my car written off on the 5th of March, which meant the nightmare began of sourcing a new car, and even when an accident is not your fault somehow it seems to cost you money!! Also my insurance company were less than helpful and it seemed to take the longest time to tie everything up!! Not sure what I would have done without Luke who not only sorted out my insurance but got me safely back on the road again with a beautiful new car!! Sad to see the old one go but am loving the new addition to the Kendal-Taylor household.

With March behind me April is particularly busy as it’s both Luke’s and my mum’s birthday’s!! Which means LOTS to plan and LOTS to do!!

I am counting down the weeks until the sweet Easter LONG four day weekend is here, and I can overindulge in chocolate and Easter food like hot cross buns and I can lay in with NO ALARMS being set!! PLEASE hurry up and get here!!

I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday, and enjoy’s reading my first mini blog post of April.


L xxx