Happy Friday everyone! Nothing pleases more than a Friday…….. or a Disney post, so today I can combine the two!!

SO today is Walt Disney Friday!!! (it’s a thing right?!) which means I am back again with a little post about my Disney planning phase two!!

Okay so by now you’ve checked out my phase one planning right? If not click the link and have a read. ?? https://lifestylelisa.com/2019/03/20/disney-planning-phase-one/

With phase one done, phase two was put into full swing, it was time to do the Disney dinning reservations…..

I usually leave this to Luke, as he’s like the ADR (advances dining reservations) pro where as I am more the planning pro (I gave myself that title!) This year however because we have a big group of 9 and are not staying on Disney property the times and restaurants I knew we wanted were going to be a problem to get!

Luke and I both decided to jump on this and be as prepared as possible to get the reservations we wanted.

Our window for reservations opened 180 days before we are due to arrive but unlike if you stay on Disney property we are only allowed to book one day at a time, instead of doing all our ADR’s in one go (like you can when you stay on park) It’s pretty painstakingly slow doing it this way, and Luke and I have been on the ball even setting our alarms to wake us up to book certain restaurants, that either makes us crazy or super dedicated!

We have picked 4 restaurants in total, 3 for breakfast and 1 for lunch. We managed to get all the ones we wanted, and now the FUN part begins to get it down to the perfect time!!

We have 166 days to go until we set of for our amazing family holiday, ample time to get those reservations perfected……. I hope!!

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More Disney posts coming real soon!!

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